Kindness Gift Guide for Any Age

Check out this gift guide which is all about kindness! 11 kindness gifts to inspire you and your family for your next random act of kindness!

One year for Valentine’s Day my kids and I all got matching shirts that read, “Kindness is Always in Style”.  They were still young enough to want to wear matching shirts with their mom and their sibling. It was super cute (or so I thought) and inspiring for us. It was a literal reminder on our stomachs and when talking to each other.

If you’ve taken a look around here much, you know I’m big on acts of kindness. Between teaching kids about empathy to celebrating RAK with the kids each year.

If you need help getting into the spirit of kindness any time of the year, check out these must-haves and get to giving kindness, which doesn’t have to cost any money!

Awesome Gifts to Remind Us of Kindness Everywhere!

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Kindness Apparel

Shirts for the whole family all about kindness. These are the cutest shirts!

Pay it Forward Cards

Kindness Matters Cards

This a deck of 100 cards you and your kids can hand out to people or leave in anonymous places to encourage kindness and the “pay it forward” movement.  The backs of each card have ideas for acts of kindness. All the cards are the same.

Kindness Quotes

This beautiful deck of cards is from Bloom daily planners. They all have a kindness quote on the front and a message on the back about kindness to others and paying it forward. They are pretty enough to keep around your own home or give to others on the front of a present or inside of a card.

Retro Thank You Cards

This is a set of 36 cardboard style cards that are blank inside. Perfect size for enclosing a gift card and reminding you and your children to send regular cards of thanks to teachers, family, and friends.

Teaching Kids about Kindness

The Caring Box

Inside this Caring Box are 60 acts of kindness designed for children ages 3-10. Children reach inside and chose a coin and perform the kindness act. All ideas are easy to do and can be done without additional money. The purpose is to teach children empathy and generate conversation and ideas.

The Kindness Project Workbook

The Kindness Project is a 30-day workbook challenge for young children to write down how they showed kindness to others each day then draw a picture of it.

Kindness Decor

Rustic Sign

Hang this mini-wood sign up where everyone in your house can be reminded of your core values.

Kindness Books

The Five Side Effects of Kindness

“The Five Side Effects of Kindness” by David R. Hamilton PhD explains how we are scientifically wired to be kind.  The book explains how kindness changes the brain, impacts the heart and immune system. Performing acts of kindness make you happier. If that doesn’t inspire you, what will?

Kind is the New Classy

“Kind is the New Classy” by Full House star Candace Cameron Bure is an enjoyable read. She comes from a strong Christian faith and weaves it all throughout her book. She has great examples of how to not just be kind, but actually classy. It can be so hard to rise above others rudeness but she challenges us to do exactly that.

Kindness Gift Guide for Any Age