Hi there, I’m Jen.

jen smith grace single parents

It’s my mission at Grace for Single Parents to inspire single moms to live their best life in their current season with God’s grace and love. 

I’ve been a single mom for ten years. So I truly understand the highs and lows of single parenting.

I know firsthand the single parent journey can be lonely and long.

When I was a newly single mom, I felt like I was the only single mom out there. I couldn’t find any resources specifically for single moms. I felt truly alone in my journey.

The online world has come a long since then. There’s a ton of resources, social media, and websites everywhere now.

But I bet you still feel like no one gets you.

Writing and sharing about single parenthood isn’t my favorite topic. But God placed YOU, reader, on my heart to encourage and uplift through writing, podcasting, emails, and resources.

So take what resonates with you, and leave what doesn’t.

Start here:

1. Grab your FREE guide here and break free of the lies that are stopping you from living a full life.

2. Do feel lonely and like no one understands you and your life as a single mom? You’re not alone. The resources compiled for the single mom life is full of ups and downs both when you find yourself alone and when you have your kids.

3. Looking for ideas and activities to grow your relationship with your children? There are so many ideas for the nuclear family, but reshaping them for the single-parent family can be different. Dig in here.

4. Do you desire to grow and strengthen your relationship with God and encourage your child’s faith relationship? Start here.

If you’re brand new and have no idea where to start, then grab my free eBook: The Parenting Alone Guide.

I promise life won’t always be this hard. There is goodness right in front of you – you just need a little assistance along the way.

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