Mother-Child Date Night Ideas for Single Mom Families

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Here are ideas for mother-child date night (or date-day) for single mom families. Take these ideas to create your own memories throughout the year!

Recently my son asked if we could pause our family activity of the month so he and I could have a mother-son date night each month.

Even though it’s just the 3 of us, some kids just thrive on that one-on-one attention from a parent. So, we are back to having a separate a mother-son date night and a mother-daughter date night every month.

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Without fail, each month he wants to do the same thing: go to the dog park, then choose a dog movie on Netflix and lay in my bed and eat ice cream. Just me and him. That’s it.

Kids don’t ask for much sometimes when you can meet their core needs.

Worksheet for Mom-Kid Date Nights

Print off a mother-kid date night worksheet from the Single Mom Toolbox and fill out ideas with your child.

Get your child’s opinion of what they would like to do and what you’ll allow or what your budget will allow. Then either keep it on the fridge where you both can look forward to it or just keep it somewhere handy so you can surprise them throughout the year with dates.

When deciding what to do for your mother-son date night, think of ideas that encourage you to interact with your child.

Try not to go to the park where he can play and you can sit. Think of it as filling up his bucket of quality time.

Yeah, it will take some effort, but you don’t go on date with your kids every day. Make a special evening.

Below are 30+ mom-kid date night ideas to get your juices flowing!

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 Mother Kid Date Night Ideas

  • explore a local exhibit or free museum
  • farmer’s market
  • Dog park
  • Picnic
  • Visit the animal shelter or animal store and hold puppies – young kids just love ‘em!
  • Video game night
  • Play catch – football, baseball, Frisbee, anything really
  • Make dinner together
  • Bake Cookies Together and deliver them to others
  • Get ice cream and take a walk
  • Putt-putt
  • Bowling
  • Movie in bed with ice cream
  • Perform RAKs together (random acts of kindness)
  • Go to an arcade
  • Have a progressive dinner – appetizer at one restaurant, main course at another restaurant, dessert at a third location
  • sign up for a 5k together, you can walk it!
  • See a sporting game together
  • Geocaching
  • Go-karts
  • Batting Cages
  • Movies
  • Scavenger Hunt
  • Go shopping together – boys like this too, just not always for clothes – maybe baseball cards or sporting stores or a toys store.
  • build a fort together
  • go volunteer somewhere
  • paint each other’s fingernails
  • have a tea party outside
  • visit a petting zoo
  • learn a new sport together like rollerblading or skateboarding
  • take an interest in your child’s passion whether that’s making slime or playing a video game
  • playing BINGO

The single mom toolbox

The single mom toolbox is full of resources and printables like this date-night worksheet to help you make the most of your single-mom journey!
Mother-Child Date Night Ideas for Single Mom Families