September Days to Celebrate for Families

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You can get a family friendly list of September days to celebrate here.  The best way to use the calendar is to hang it up and highlight a few celebrations days in September to celebrate for your family. It’s something fun that doesn’t have to cost money to look forward to!

September Days to Celebrate for Families

If you are looking for things to do with your kids that don’t necessarily cost money, consider checking out the National days of September. There are all sorts of holidays made up for silly reasons that can be fun to celebrate with your kids and not require much money.

It’s usually the out of the ordinary experiences, not the expensive things, our are children remember us doing with them anyway.

You can get the full list of September Days to Celebrate for Families here. Throughout the month. It gives everyone something to look forward to.

Here is a sampling of the September Days of the Month for Families.

September 1

National Cherry Popover Day – If you and your child love to bake together, then give this recipe a try. Otherwise, a trip to the bakery may be special enough!

September 5

Cheese Pizza Day – I know I have one child who would love to have this for breakfast, lunch, and dinner on this day. Or you could just get all the fixin’s and make it together.

 September 5

Read a Book Day – If only I had a whole day to read a book! But maybe getting the kids to read for a little while extra could be possible since its a “holiday”…

First Sunday after Labor Day

Grandparent’s Day – This holiday always falls under the radar, unlike Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. But it certainly shouldn’t! If you don’t celebrate any holidays this month, make sure to have your kids reach out to Grandma or Grandpa!

September 11

911 Remembrance – Children actually begin learning about this fairly early in school. You can begin talking about 911 to your children at home. The 911 Memorial website has guidelines to help you through the conversation.

September 12

National Day of Encouragement – Spend a day encouraging others. I’ve found kids love doing acts of kindness for others. What could be more encouraging than that? Get 80 ideas here.

acts of kindness ideas

September 13

Kids Take Over The Kitchen Day – Give your kids a couple cookbooks and see what they come with! Inspire a love for cooking at a young age. Let them get adventurous and don’t worry about the mess – it can be cleaned up! Just remind yourself you’re observing a holiday 🙂

September 25

National Pancake Day – this is an easy one to have pancakes for dinner or let your kids make them. My daughter loves adding food coloring to make different colored pancakes or making letters out of the batter to form names, or adding sprinkles.

Last Wednesday in September

National Women’s Health & Fitness Day – If you’re struggling to get out there and work out, tell your kids its an actual holiday and you must go for a walk!

So Many More Days of the Month to Celebrate in September

This was just a sampling. Want the other 80+ September days of the month to create own memories with your kids? Download the full calendar here. Get all the months here.

September Days to Celebrate for Families