Best Bibles, Devotionals, and Bible Studies for Youth

SharePinEmailWhether you’re a parent looking for material for your youth group or a teen who wants to study the Bible on your own, these Bible resources will help you grow in your faith. Included in the post below are suggestions for: The Best Bibles for Youth Giving your young child their own Bible helps them…

Whether you’re a parent looking for material for your youth group or a teen who wants to study the Bible on your own, these Bible resources will help you grow in your faith. Included in the post below are suggestions for:

  • The Best Bibles – for kids under 8 and teens
  • Devotionals for youth under 8 and teens
  • Bible Studies for teenagers – with suggestions for boys and girls separately and together

The Best Bibles for Youth

Giving your young child their own Bible helps them form a special bond with the stories presented throughout. 

For the youngest kids, The Jesus Storybook Bible is the best. It’s so good, many adults enjoy reading it and take lessons from it.

Bibles for Youth ages 8-12 

The NIV Adventure Bible is the Bible my son used until he became a teenager. This Bible is recommended for children ages 8-12. Hands-on activities, full-color design, and illustrations make reading the Bible fun for younger ones. 

The Action Bible: God’s Redemptive Story This Bible delivers 215 fast-paced stories in chronological order, making it easier to follow the Bible’s historical flow. 

Bibles for youth over the age of 12

By the time they’re pre-teens or teenagers, kids can read an adult, regular Bible. Take care as to which Bible translation you choose for them. 

Look for a translation that will be easy for your kids to understand. Typically, NIV and NLT are easiest to understand, while ESV is used by many churches. 

The Message is the easiest to understand as it’s paraphrased and rewritten almost like a commentary. Since The MEssage is not word for word or thought for thought, it’s generally not recommended as one’s only Bible. However, when it comes to our youth, any version that keeps them intrigued and that they can understand is most important. 

A cute pre-teen Bible for girls is My Creative Bible For Girls.

Quest Study Bible for Teens The Quest Bible has multiple questions and answers about life. This Bible is for the extra curious, the teen always asking tough theological questions. 

I recommend Ultimate Bible for Girls, Faithgirlz Edition, or NLT Girls Life Application Study Bible for teen girls. 

The Boys Life Application Study Bible is a popular choice for teen boys. 

Depending on your teen’s age, they may be just as happy with a regular Bible, meaning one for adults or not specifically for teens. 

Devotionals for our youth

A devotional is a short, daily reading that helps to reflect on the bible passage for that day. It can also include a short meditation or prayer. People of all ages can use devotionals, but they can benefit kids. By reflecting on the bible passage for the day, kids can learn to apply it to their own lives. This can help them grow in their faith and make it more meaningful. Accordingly, incorporating a devotional into your child’s daily routine can be a great way to help them engage with the Bible on a deeper level.

For the littles:

Indescribable: 100 Devotions for Kids About God and Science. There are 4 devotional books in this series about God and science. They include scientific backgrounds that children find amazing to entice young readers. This is truly teaching our kids to love God with all our minds. 

For teen girls: 

Live on Purpose: 100 Devotions for Letting Go of Fear and Following God by Sadie Robertson Huff. An amazing role model for our teen girls, Sadie Robertson Huff, combines lessons from her books into this devotional. 

Teen Boys:

I love this devotion for teen boys: Teen to Teen: 365 Daily Devotions by Teen Guys for Teen Guys

Bible Studies for Youth

Bible study can be a time of fun and fellowship as they learn about God together. But, it can also be a time of serious discussion and reflection on important topics like salvation, sin, and forgiveness. Bible study allows kids to ask questions and share their thoughts and feelings about the Bible with other kids their age.

There are many different types of bible studies available for youth. Some are based on specific Bible passages, while others focus on particular themes or topics. No matter what type of bible study you choose, it’s important to ensure that it is age-appropriate and will interest your child.

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General Bible Study

There is a youth version of Experiencing God, and I have no doubt it is a powerful study. Earlier this year, I went through the adult version of Experiencing God, which was excellent. 

Bible studies for Youth about their Identity

One of the most important truths we all are searching for is about our identity. Teaching our youth that our identity comes from Jesus Christ alone is of utmost importance. 

Many adults go their entire lives searching for who they are. Yet, the Bible tells us who we are – we are first and foremost children of God, and the Father loves us. 

For free affirmations of who God says you are, click here. These affirmations have been used in many youth groups and apply to boys and girls. 

Suggestions for Youth Studies on Identity

Worth it! a teen girl’s journey to discovering her worth in Christ: a 7 week study brought to you by P31 Fitness by Rachel Curtis 

Ephesians – Teen Bible Study Book: Your Identity In Christ by Tony Merida

Studies Just for Girls: 

Anxious – Teen Girls’ Bible Study Book: Fighting Anxiety with the Word of God by Scarlet Hiltibidal 

I love the Priscilla Shriver Bible Studies for teenagers. She is an excellent Bible teacher for adults as well. A couple of stand-out Bible studies she has for youth are: 

There are women studies of the Armor of God and Elijah by Priscilla that you can do alongside your teen. 

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Best Bibles, Devotionals, and Bible Studies for Youth