What are Hydrosols? Only the Best Kept Secret!

What are Hydrosols?

Have you heard of hydrosols but ever wondered what are hydrosols exactly? Basically, hydrosols are the by-product of the making of Essential Oil. Hydrosols are sometimes known as floral water, although that isn’t completely true. They are only about 1% essential oil. So, they have a completely different molecular structure than essential oils.

However, they smell amazing! I love buying Rose Hydrosol. It smells amazing and the hydrosol is a fraction of what the oil is.

If you want an affordable way to help kick toxins out of your home hydrosols are a great way to get started! Although that may begin to answer your question about what are hydrosols, it isn’t the best-kept secret.

what is hydrosols

What are Hydrosols used for?

  • Skin Toners
  • Room Sprays
  • Cooling Spritzers
  • Spray on linens for restful sleep
  • Add to baths for relaxation
  • Spray or rub onto skin if you have any irritations
  • Stiff or sore muscle rubs
  • Gentle enough for babies
  • Calming support
  • Pet spray

What are Hydrosols Recipes?

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Once you understand what are hydrosols used for then you will feel comfortable putting them into spray bottles or rubbing them onto your skin all the time. Here’s where I think the best secret lies! My favorite recipe hands down is the hair follicle recipe. It is adapted from Essential Oil Make & Take by Jen O’Sullivan.

Room Spray

You can make a couple of different types of room spray. Add lavender EO and lavender hydrosol for a sleepy-time spray. Add lavender EO and rose hydrosol for a breathtaking general room spray.

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Cooling Spray

Spray down back and behind the neck when hot.

Ouchy Spray

  • 2 oz spray bottle
  • 6 – 8 drops helichrysum essential oil
  • 1.5oz helichrysum hydrosol

Whenever the kids fall down, I let them spray this liberally on their scrapes and bruises. Helichrysum is great for that, it will help clean out the area. Plus the helichrysum essential oil is expensive and often when kids fall down they scrap large areas so I like to make a spray that has the helichrysum hydrosol as the base so I save some money. It also does not sting at all. I use it on bruises as well to help with the swelling.

Hair Follicle Spray

This is such a hit! I used two bottles, twice a day then I had to quit using it, my hair grew so fast! All of my friends in my oil group have tried it as well and have had similar results. If you do not want to buy hydrosol, you can substitute distilled water. It does not make your hair “oily”, that is a misconception that essential oil will make your hair or skin oily like regular oil.

  • 2 oz spray bottle
  • 10 drops each of essential oil: cedarwood, rosemary, peppermint, clary sage and lavender.
  • 1.5 oz. rosemary hydrosol

Apply to the roots of hair when hair is wet, daily.  Plus this smells amazing!

lavender hydrosol

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Where can I buy Hydrosols?

I’m super careful about where I gather all of my information when it comes to essential oils. I do a lot of research before I buy each oil, make a recipe, and begin following any “expert”. This goes for my hydrosols as well.

From my research, I buy my hydrosol overseas. Shipping can be expensive but if you consider the cost per bottle, it is still very reasonable.

Another option is Mountain Rose. I don’t have personal experience with this company but I’m a big fan of Jen O’Sullivan – she really knows her stuff – and she recommends buying their hydrosols. Do your own research!

Want more information on hydrosols? Here is a great resource book.

Your turn! Tell us – what are hydrosols? How do you use them?

What are Hydrosols? Only the Best Kept Secret!