Single Mom Passion Project – Why You Need One

SharePinEmailJoin the multi-series single mom passion project. I understand single moms are often in survival mode. But it’s for your survival that you need a passion project. Discover what ignites your soul and get your life back! Single Mom Passion Project – Why You Need One Every single mom needs their own passion project. Single…

Join the multi-series single mom passion project. I understand single moms are often in survival mode. But it’s for your survival that you need a passion project. Discover what ignites your soul and get your life back!

Single Mom Passion Project – Why You Need One

Every single mom needs their own passion project. Single moms are often stuck in survival mode and cannot see outside of the overwhelm of doing everything for themselves, their children, and the household. Add any small stress on top of this such as custody issues, co-parenting, illness, money problems, and single mothers are the last ones to take time for themselves.  

But single moms are exactly the demographic that needs a passion project. It very well may be the key to happiness and the escape we are all longing for. 

For many single moms, trying to imagine having a passion outside of survival is absolutely ridiculous.

Just Surviving

When I first became a single mom, those first couple of years are a blur. I had time for absolutely nothing besides survival.

I’m willing to bet each of you has a similar to story to this:

I’d wake up in the morning, get the kids off to the bus, work all day, then before heading home, pick the kids up. Then we would literally spend the whole evening in the kitchen as I made dinner, cleaned up, and help them with their homework.

Before I knew it it was time for bed.

We would wake up the next morning and do it again.

Every other weekend I had a break. On those weekends I cleaned the rest of the house and zoned out.

Even for those of us who have help watching the kids, picking the kids up, and are co-parenting, we don’t have someone who sweeps in and wants to clean our house or take our kids for eight hours a day.

Being a single mom can just be exhausting.

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Awakening Moment

It took me about 2 years before finally realized that I could not live the same life I was living before as I could after my divorce.

And that’s when I began to give things up. I gave up a clean kitchen. Okay, who am I kidding, I gave up a whole clean house.

I quit making dinner every night. We didn’t sit around the dinner table anymore. We would eat frozen meals or pizza more often than I’d like to admit.

When I had a weekend to myself it was for me. It wasn’t for cleaning.

And slowly I got out of the fog. I became happier.

My Own Single Mom Passion Project

I remember the first weekend I decided to make it all about me very well. I actually sat the whole entire Saturday and worked on a 1000 piece puzzle. I’m not even a puzzle type of person. But that was what allowed me to slow down and simply think.

After that, I worked my way into thinking that maybe I should become a runner. 

Which is an absolute joke because I’ve never been able to even jog in my entire life. But now I had a challenge. Something that was all about me and didn’t revolve around my children and my circumstances anymore.

I never became a runner or sadly, even a jogger. But that wasn’t the point. The goal set me on a new path. I was done getting wrapped up in day-to-day chores and worries and walking around with a cloud over my head.

Since that time I’ve continued to find different things that awake in my passion. Some last me one month, some last me years.

But who cares?  I can pursue whatever passion I feel like. There isn’t anyone rolling their eyes saying “seriously, now you’re into yoga? Last week you were all into riding a bike.”

This is 100% my life. And it’s 100% your life. Go. Get. It.

I opened my own Etsy shop. I turned my front living room into a craft room and every other weekend for 48 hours nonstop I worked and crafts. Some weeks I would have an order from Australia, some weeks – no orders. I didn’t care, because I had a passion. 

Since then I’ve dived headfirst into yoga, reading, journaling, Bible study, composting, different charities, essential oils, cooking, making wreaths, massage, the list goes on.

And it can for you too!

Positive to Being a Single Mom

If there is one positive to being a single mom it’s this you are now in charge of your own life.  Only you decide what you can and can’t do every spare moment. If you decide the dishes don’t need to be done for 48 hours or the house doesn’t need to be cleaned – guess what? Don’t clean it.

Do something that ignites your soul instead. Heck, read for eight hours if it’s your day off with the kids.

I guarantee you when the kids come home you won’t have time to do that reading. You won’t have time to do that craft project. But you will have time to do the dishes, make dinner, and run around the house.

The hardest part is letting things go. Sometimes it’s more than just letting go of the housework, sometimes it is letting go parts of your formal former life.

Let it go in baby steps. And add in new things in its place.

Single Mom Passion Project

single mom passion project why you need one

I invite you to join me as we explore multiple weeks of finding your passion project.

How do you find your passion?

By trying different things. That’s the big secret. Shhhhhh…

 It’s going to take some figuring out. You’re not going to do the very first hobby or the very first activity and fall in love with it. It’s not always about the activity, sometimes it’s about the process. Don’t be afraid to try out some different things.

Some will appeal to you. Some will not.

Some will pique your interest and resonate with you.

Some you will read and will need to sit in the back of your head until you’re ready to try them.

Even if you are currently in survival mode, the dishes can wait. Sometimes you have your kids 24/7. This doesn’t mean you can’t still pursue activities that ignite your soul. I’ve done it (still do it) with kids in tow. We will cover all of that.

You need a passion now that will help carry you through what are lonely days in motherhood single or not. 

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Single Mom Passion Project - Why You Need One