Simple Self-Love Tips for Single Moms

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Simple and helpful self-love tips single moms can start today to begin enjoying life during this season.

This is a guest post.

Real life of Single Moms

Being a single parent is a more formidable task than it seems on TV, where they show a fabricated version of single parenthood. Real-life as a single mom is much more complicated and dull.

You have to take care of your children and yourself as you only are the driving force of this newfound life. You have to take care of various activities, from your child’s education, daily needs, and billings to, most importantly, your job.

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Life becomes a juggling game where you have to balance your child and his future and your future with jobs and responsibilities.

But wait, hey, you wonderful mums out there! Are you missing something really important?

No, it’s not your pending bills and those presentations for your clients. It’s you!

With the added pressure of a new life, you have taken a back seat as you fear there won’t be anyone who will keep you away from falling if something happens. We want you to heal and explore yourself.

Ask yourself, “Do I need a break?”, “Who am I now?”, “What is my new purpose?”

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We can understand that you need to buckle up to have a secured future. But if you continuously run an engine, at one point in time, it will exhaust and, in a worse case, will explode.

You get exhausted after a long day of multiple roles, but now you need a balance in your life.
Here are some basic ideas and nothing fancy to add some sugar and spice to your bland dish.

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Self-Love Ideas for Single Moms

Take a Vacation

A must needed comma in your chapter. Consider this time as a single mom as a season, not a sentence.

Enjoy this time with just you and your child. Explore the places together, and both see the vivid colors of the outside world.

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A Clean Place

Tidy up your places like room and home and add some colors, photographs, and new fragrances. It actually helps in the deep cleaning of the inner mind, which makes you peaceful in hectic situations.


Look at yourself, and observe where you need a makeover. If your hair bothers you, it’s time to cut some parts and color it or even give some shades to it. Need some relaxation? Go to some spa and take a full package of massage experience and manicure and pedicure.

Award Yourself

It is quite trending to self-appreciate every milestone achieved. It helps to retain the enthusiasm of work and take up tougher challenges ahead, and most importantly, it helps you love and understand yourself. For awards, you can gift yourself some of your favorite things like:

  • New gadget
  • Set of fashionable clothes
  • A lovely dinner with your child.
  • Take your child out to his favorite park.
  • A small piece of jewelry yet impressive without burning a hole in your pocket. You can also use it as a graduation gift for your daughter.


The most basic and all-time favorite among all mums. Do you like a classic weekend with your favorite Agatha Christie thriller and a large cup of coffee? Sounds awesome. You can also add your daughter to this exciting thing. It will help her to at least appreciate the beauty of words.

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Sometimes self-help comes from helping others.

You can be emotionally drained even after trying out various methods like yoga and weekend Zumba class, but emotional well-being matters.

Take a time out at the weekend to help in a charity like helping that old grandma near you buy her daily needs and even distribute food among homeless people and animals and involve your children in this. It will make them understand the importance of every single thing, like not wasting food and respect for elders.

Meditate and Play

Meditate to heal your soul and thank God for this beautiful life. Go out and play with your daughter as her smile is more precious than anything.

Involve your kids

Do what makes your inner lost soul come out of the closet, and add your piece of heart, your child, to your happiness.

Learn from your child wherever and whenever. When you patiently grow the seeds of self-love with your utmost care, it will sparkle into a beautiful flower to appreciate for a lifetime.

This was a guest post

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Simple Self-Love Tips for Single Moms