7 Surprising Positives of Being a Single Parent

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Are there advantages to being a single parent? Yes, just like everything, there are positives and negatives. In this article, we focus on seven unexpected positives of single parenting. 

Being a single parent is hard, but it might surprise you that it also has its share of positives. 

I’m not advocating either way to be a single parent. But the fact is, many have been single parents for years, and instead of complaining about it, let’s embrace our strengths!  

There are countless single parents out there who are doing a fantastic job raising their kids, and just like with anything, there are positives and negatives. Here we will concentrate on just some of the advantages.

7 Advantages of Being a Single Parent

You learn to be independent and self-sufficient

Single parents often find themselves having to do everything on their own. This can be a daunting prospect at first, but it also provides an opportunity to learn new skills and become more independent. 

Single parents often have to budget carefully and learn to be resourceful with their time. They learn how to juggle their responsibilities and take care of their children without the help of a partner. 

As a result, single parents often emerge from the experience more independent and self-sufficient than before. 

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You develop a strong sense of resilience

Single parents’ ability to bounce back from adversity is primarily driven by the need to care for one’s children single-handedly. Whether it is financial challenges, relationship issues, or struggles with managing day-to-day tasks, single parents have to find a way to adapt and keep moving forward.

Through trial and error, single parents learn to face their challenges head-on and find creative solutions to overcome obstacles to provide the best possible life for their kids. 

They become experts at quickly thinking on their feet and adapting to changing circumstances, which builds a mental toughness that serves them well in all aspects of life. 

Ultimately, single parents develop an enviable resilience that sets them apart from those who have more support and resources at their fingertips. 

This resilience is cultivated in several ways. Practicing self-care is one crucial way to build resilience. Taking time for yourself each day to relax, get enough sleep, and eat well will help you stay grounded and balanced in the face of stress. 

Another critical element of building resilience is setting healthy boundaries. Being firm about not overextending yourself or taking on too much will keep you from getting overwhelmed.

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You become an expert problem solver

One of the most significant benefits is that single parents become expert problem solvers. With only one parent to rely on, single parents have to be able to think quickly and solve problems on the fly. 

This can range from minor problems like fixing a broken toy to big problems like dealing with a child’s behavioral issues. Single parents must also be good at budgeting and time management, as they often have to do everything independently.

You have a greater sense of compassion and understanding

Single parenting can lead to a greater sense of compassion and understanding. Single parents have to be both mother and father to their child, leading to a more well-rounded understanding of each role.

In addition, single parents are often more patient and tolerant than parents in two-parent households. They realize that their children are going through a tough time and that they need extra support. 

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As a result, single parents can develop stronger relationships with their children. Everyone I know who is a single mom says their relationship with their child is their closest bond, regardless of age. 

I’m unsure if this is because we don’t have a significant other to tend to or because we often have come out of a tumultuous relationship, and we appreciate the bond with our children more. 

You learn to juggle many responsibilities simultaneously

Perhaps one of the most significant benefits of being a single parent is that you must juggle many responsibilities simultaneously. Whether it’s caring for children, working long hours to provide for your family, or managing household tasks like cleaning and cooking, single parents are constantly on the go and rarely take a break. 

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However, this constant juggling of responsibilities teaches single parents valuable lessons about organization, efficiency, and time management. And these skills are essential not just in raising a family as a single parent but also in all aspects of life. 

You make all the household and parenting decisions

Single parents’ most significant responsibilities is all the household and parenting decisions. While this may seem like a burden, and it often is, it can also be an advantage. Why? 

Because you get to make all the decisions about your child’s upbringing, you can choose what values and traditions you want to instill in your child. You also get to decide how you want to discipline your child. 

This means that you decide how your family will run and what values you instill in your children

You also don’t have to worry about anyone else’s opinion regarding decisions about your family. Ultimately, being a single parent gives you much control over your family’s destiny.

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Positives of Single Parenting

All of the single parents I’ve met are strong and determined individuals who have shown that they can overcome adversity while still caring for their children and providing them with the support they need to thrive.

While being a single parent is not easy, it can provide unique growth and development opportunities. Ultimately, concentrating on these positives gives you a new outlook beneficial for yourself and your children. 

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7 Surprising Positives of Being a Single Parent