5 Weeks Decluttering and Organization Challenge

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5 week decluttering challenge

Imagine if you could have the main areas in your house fully organized and decluttered in just 5 weeks? I’ve teamed up with four other bloggers to give ideas and strategies to help you tackle these 5 main areas:

  • Overall home organization
  • Desk/Office Space
  • Closets
  • Kitchen
  • Bathroom

Download the one-page declutter worksheet for free to help you plan out your decluttering and organizing strategy.

Be sure to bookmark this page or pin it for future reference.

Happy decluttering!

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5 Weeks to a Decluttered and Organized Home

Week One: Get Started Organizing

How to Clear the Clutter When You Hate to Clean: 9 Easy Tips 9 ways to clear the clutter when you’re stressed out and you hate to clean. Let go of the guilt and comparison, just easy decluttering.

clear the clutter

Check out these other ideas for getting started on decluttering and organizing:

Week 2: Desk & Office Space

How to Conquer Desk Clutter This Year: Get control of your desk clutter with these tips. Whether you use your desk for work, bills, or homework, you can make your desk more productive and clear it of clutter with easy steps.

conquer desk clutter

Check out these other ideas on organizing your desk and office space:

Week 3: Closets

4 Surprisingly Easy Ways to Keep Clothes Closets Mess-Free: 4 closet organization tips that work for children or parents. These ideas are affordable and help your family give back to others in the process.

closet organization tips

Check out these other ideas to declutter and organize your closets:

Week 4: Kitchen

How to Have an Organized Kitchen You Can Be Proud Of: Kitchen organization tips regardless of the size of your kitchen. Step through each area in your kitchen with these tips.

kitchen organization tips

Check out these other ideas for decluttering and organizing your kitchen:

Week 5: Bathrooms

How to Make a Wall Hanging Jewelry Organizer You Will Love: How to organize your jewelry and make a hanging wall organizer that will last for years. No more cluttering up your bathroom sink with your jewelry.

wall hanging jewelry organizer

Check out these other ideas to organize the rest of your bathroom:

5 Weeks Decluttering and Organization Challenge