Bible Memory Verse “F” Matthew 12:34

Matthew 12:34 is the “F” verse in our ABC Bible verse series for kids. There is one verse for each letter of the alphabet that includes a free printable, lesson plan, and video to learn 26 verses in 26 weeks.

“F” Verse: Matthew 12:34

The “F” verse is from Matthew 12:34:

For out of the overflow of the heart the mouth speaks.

Download the verse below by clicking the image.

I recommend printing the verse and hanging it up somewhere that your kids will see it throughout the day. Then when you’re ready to practice memorization it will be that much easier.

matthew 12:34

teaching the bible Verse to children

You can create your own lesson for Matthew 12:34 by taking an empty cup and some tennis balls. On the tennis balls write some thoughts – good and bad on each one with your kids. Then have your kids help you add the balls to the cup. Soon the cup should begin to overflow. (If it doesn’t, either add more balls or add water.)

Look at what is written on the balls that fall out. Are the words positive or negative? Talk about the cup being our heart and what is flowing out of our heart is our thoughts.

Video for Matthew 12:34

Our chosen song may be repetitive for adults, but it will help your children memorize it.
This video does a good job of incorporating the reference (Matthew 12:34) into the song. Usually, this is the most difficult piece to remember, so whenever it’s included in the song, I consider that a bonus!

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abc bible verses

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Bible Memory Workbook

Want some structure memorizing Bible verses with kids without nagging? Check out this workbook. It’s inspired by my journey of memorizing 26 Bible verses in 26 weeks with my kiddos.

Bible Memory Verse “F” Matthew 12:34