Bible Memory Verse “E” Proverbs 20:11

Inside: Everything you need to teach Proverbs 20:11 to your kids and learn the Bible verse yourself alongside your child. This is the 5th verse in our ABC Bible Verse series.

teaching Proverbs 20:11 to children

This week’s Bible Memory verse to learn with your kids is Proverbs 20:11:

Even a child is known by his actions by whether his conduct is pure and right.

For the most part, the verses each week are short. By the middle of the alphabet, you will be glad for this. Since you don’t want to forget all the work you’ve done throughout the year, continue to have the kids repeat all the verses they’ve learned at least once per week.

Free Printable

Click the image below to download your free printable of Proverbs 20:11. Hang the verse up somewhere so your children can see it everyday to enhance learning and bring on conversation.

proverbs 20:11

Video of Proverbs 20:11

I’ve linked to another one of Steve Green’s songs from one of his “Hide ’em in Your Heart” albums. I have my kids listen to the tune a few times at the beginning of the week and then they usually have it down. Sometimes they adapt their own tune, which is great too.

What’s the Meaning? teaching the verse to your kids

You may want to talk about the meaning of the verse each week to help reinforce memorization.

It helps children if they understand what they are memorizing. A fun lesson you can teach your children to go along with our verse of the week is found here. All you need is a football but even that is optional.

tip for teaching children bible verses

Enjoy spending time in the Word with your child! If you’re working through all the ABC Bible lessons, focus more on the time with God and your child and less on the outcome. Even if you only learn one verse – you’ll be blessed!

abc bible lessons

Click here to find the master listing of the ABC verses that includes a lesson, song, free printable, and Bible verse for every letter of the alphabet.

abc bible verses

Bible Memory curriculum

All the verses in this series, including Verse E: Proverbs 20:11, have been made into a children’s curriculum ages 5-12.

Check out what all is inside the workbook HERE.

Bible Memory Verse “E” Proverbs 20:11