Bible Memory Verse: “V” John 6:47

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To memorize John 6:47, check out these resources. Then join our 26-week study with your kids to learn 26 bible verses – one for each letter of the alphabet!

This post is part of a 26 part series where to help you memorize Bible Verses with your kids. Each post contains 4 elements: a scripture, a video (song), a printable, and teaching. (and sometimes a weekly tip!) There are 26 Bible verses – one for each letter of the alphabet. You can check out the whole series here or just enjoy the resources for memorizing John 6:47 below!

Memorizing Verse “V”: John 6:47

Verily, Verily, I say to you, whoever believes has eternal life.

John 6:47 KJV

Printable for John 6:47

Click on the image below to get your print-friendly version of John 6:47. Then hang it up wherever you and your kids will be practicing your bible verses each night!

john 6:47

teaching John 6:47 to kids

To give the context of the verse, you can explain to your kids why “verily” or “truly” is repeated twice. The reading found here is helpful for understanding. Sometimes details like this help with memorization.

Also, discuss who is saying this quote from John and that Jesus is promising never-ending life for those who believe in Him.

A video for John 6:47

And here’s the key…learning a verse with a tune always helps with long-term memorization. Just think about how many high school songs you can still remember.

One thing about this video. It’s for the NIV version of John 6:47 so it will say “truly, truly” instead of “verily, verily”.  You can learn the tune and change it for “verily, verily” so the kids will stay on track of learning one verse for each letter of the alphabet. They are very close to finishing!

Weekly tip

You’re making an eternal impact on your children. If no one in your life is telling you what a fantastic parent you are, let me be the one. Regardless of how it feels some days, you’re doing it right and you’ll see the fruit of your labor in due time.

ABC Memory Verse Series for Kids

This is a 26-part series that contains one verse for each letter of the alphabet. In the end, your child (and you!) will have learned 26 Bible verses. Each post contains a free printable and a YouTube video for a tune to help you learn it with your child. See the full index here.

There’s an easy workbook available that will help you and your children work through all of these scriptures as well. Plus a fun games edition after you’ve memorized all 26 verses for a fun way to continue learning and making sure you and your kids don’t forget all your hard work!

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Bible Memory Verse: “V” John 6:47