Bible Memory Verse “H” Matthew 21:9

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Inside is everything you need to teach your child Matthew 21:9: free printable, child-friendly song, and a short lesson. Learn all 26 ABC bible verses in this series.

H Verse: Matthew 21:9

The “H” verse is from Matthew 21:9:

Hosanna to the Son of David. Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord! Hosanna in the highest.

Free Printable of Matthew 21:9

You can get a printable version of this verse by clicking on the image below.

matthew 21:9

Video for Matthew 21:9

The song is from Steve Green’s album “Hide ‘Em In Your Heart.” This collection is one of my favorites to learn verses for kids. The songs are short, they repeat the Bible verses continuously and have a catchy tune. I also appreciate the small lesson right before each video. The kids are usually willing to watch it as it doesn’t last more than a minute.


The word “Hosanna” might be familiar to your child but most likely they don’t know what it means. Discuss the meaning of the word Hosanna: “to save, rescue” or “savior.”

Read Matthew 21:1-11 while your child works through one of the activity sheets in below. Suggest your child draw a picture of Jesus riding into town on a donkey.


This experience was more of a bonding time with my children than simply an exercise. Make sure to include lots of laughter and hugs along the way.

ABC Series of Bible Verses for Kids

We are working our way through the alphabet, learning one verse per letter with our children.

A quick, catchy tune helps us learn so each post includes a link to a song that will help our kids and us learn. We are about one-third of the way through! If you are just joining us, you can find the index of all of the verses here.

ABC Scripture Memory Workbook

How about a whole workbook that takes all the ABC Bible verses from this series and provides you with fun, daily activities to do with your kids? Check it out HERE.

Bible Memory Verse “H” Matthew 21:9