How to Make a Wall Hanging Jewelry Organizer You Will Love

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Step by step instructions on how to quickly make a wall hanging jewelry organizer that will last for years. This jewelry organizer is the easiest way to organize and display all your jewelry.

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I collect a lot of jewelry and have a difficult time throwing it away as it carries a lot of emotional value.

wall hanging jewelry organizer

I remember special events where I wore certain pieces of jewelry, given to me as gifts, and of course, passed down from generation to generation.

As a result, my bathroom sink easily becomes covered in watches, necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. Add to it my daughter’s jewelry, and it all becomes such a tangled mess, I end up wearing the same chain and hoops each day.

Five years ago, to display all my favorite jewelry, I created the jewelry wall organizer from some storage cubes I no longer wanted. I was surprised by the result.

The best part is how it’s still standing. I’ve tried other organizers that fall down and then I have a mess everywhere.

Why this JEWELRY organizer works

I’ve tried many ways to organize my jewelry over the years: boxes, displays, even hanging from nails. But ultimately I end up back where I started: tangled chains and lost pairs of earrings.

I haven’t had any of these issues with this organizer.

  • Sturdy – five years later, I’m using the same organizer to hold my jewelry
  • Customizable – add an initial instead of a flower, change colors, etc.
  • At a glance, you can see all your earrings and necklaces. Place rings on the clothespins.
  • Hangs on the wall so it doesn’t take up additional counter space.
  • Easy to make.

How to Make a Wall Hanging Jewelry Organizer That Lasts Years


You can buy your supplies at the craft shop, or everything is available on Amazon.

supplies for organizer

1. One square wire slat – these are from storage cubes, see example below.

I had these storage cubes for kid’s toys and didn’t need it anymore, so I threw away the connectors and was left with a 14 x14 flat wire slat to make the jewelry organizers.

Since then I’ve found them at garage sales for about $2 for the whole kit. I throw away the connectors and use the 14 x14 squares.

2. Yarn or Ribbon – to cover the outside. This is where you customize. Pick your favorite color and texture of the yarn. If you choose to use ribbon, make sure it’s thick and has a texture that won’t slide around.

3. Clothespins – you can either buy cute ones from a scrapbook store similar to the ones below or make your own.

Jillibean Soup - Alphabet Soup II Collection - Mini Clothespin

To make your own, buy a pack of clothespins at the dollar store then paint modge podge on them and dip in glitter or spray paint them.


4. One big embellishment – a big flower or monogram for the top

5. Glue gun – just to hold the yarn and embellishment together

Steps to Make Your jewelry Organizer

1. Start with the yarn (or ribbon) and the wire slat.

Gather enough yarn to loop around the sides of the wire that will fit through the little squares each time. Apply some hot glue to get started and wrap the yarn around the wire. Apply more glue at every halfway point and on the ends. Pull the yarn tight as you go.

If you run out of yarn and need more, be sure to hide the endings and beginnings of the yarn to make it as seamless as possible.

2. Then take another piece of yarn wrapped around the top for hanging purposes.

3. Choose an embellishment – I like using big artificial flowers. You can simply hot glue them on. They stay very well.

4. Add your clothes pins throughout. If you use it as a jewelry hanger, then put the clothespins at the top and bottom to hang necklaces from it. This leaves the middle free for all your earrings.

In the end, this one turned out like this:

wire organizer

Other Uses for your organizer

The wall hanging organizer was one of the most popular items on my Etsy store when it was online.

Over time I’ve had customers tell me they use them for a variety of things. One ordered it to use as a baby shower guest book & another used it to hang up at work to display all of her postcards from her travels.


You may find once you start making these organizers, you want to make more. Here are some ideas of what else to use them for.

  • Greeting card display, card display rack
  • Weekly Menu display
  • Bucket List Display or bucket list frame
  • Display your kid’s artwork or picture hanger
  • Desktop Organizer
  • Wall Organizer

More Organization Ideas

Declutter worksheet

Now that you’ve organized your jewelry, what about the rest of your bathroom or your house even? I’ve teamed up with four other bloggers to give you ideas on how to organize your space. Check out all their ideas in a 5-week series found here.

If all of this feels overwhelming, then stop and download the printable here. It’s designed to help you take six areas from your house and design a plan to declutter each one.

How to Make a Wall Hanging Jewelry Organizer You Will Love


  1. What a great solution to organizing jewelry. Jewelry boxes often get really cluttered because it’s a challenge to see everything. The fact that you’ve stuck with it for >5 years is a testament that it works!

  2. Such a cute and functional organizer. I love that you can use it for multiple things. So clever.

  3. Very nice, however I would need a few hundred for all my jewlery.(no lie)

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