March Activities for Families

SharePin100Email100 SharesThis is part of a series of making the most out of every, ordinary day. There are a ton of fun March activities for families that extend way past St. Patrick’s Day. How? Turn a boring Thursday into a Popcorn Lover’s Day this month that your children will never forget! Go to the store…

This is part of a series of making the most out of every, ordinary day. There are a ton of fun March activities for families that extend way past St. Patrick’s Day.


Turn a boring Thursday into a Popcorn Lover’s Day this month that your children will never forget!

Go to the store and buy every kind of crazy Popcorn topping you can find and make it a whole night of Popcorn experimenting – make your own the old fashion way, microwave it, eat it for breakfast.

Who cares? The point is to make a day to remember with your kids.

kids throwing popcorn

Don’t like popcorn? Check out any of the other ideas below.

Or get the full March calendar that includes all the special, wacky family-friendly ideas here! Each month a new calendar is released with fun days of the month to make the ordinary days extraordinary!

March Activities for Families

National Peanut Butter Lover’s Day – Mar 1

Make your own peanut butter with your kids. It’s actually not that difficult as long as you have a food processor. Your kids will probably have fun with it and should be able to help with most if not all of it.

I Want You to be Happy Day – Mar 3

Do an act of kindness for others today. There are 80 ideas you can do with your children if you join our mailing list!

Middle Name Pride Day – Mar 10

Play a game with your kids today and see if you can go all day only by calling them by their middle names. Most likely they won’t even respond to it!

Pack Your Lunch Day – Mar 10

If your child is in grade school, this is a great day to not only have them eat a sack lunch at school but have them pack it themselves.

National Plant a Flower Day – Mar 12

Here in the Midwest, the ground can still be frozen during March 12th. So, planting a flower isn’t always possible. Even if it is, it can be too cold to even enjoy it, especially with kids. A super fun alternative is planting flowers in mason jars. And they make the cutest gifts. Think – Mother’s Day or teacher’s appreciation day is coming up before long!

Children’s Craft Day – Mar 14

This might be the easiest day yet. Most kids love to use their imagination and come up with their own craft idea. You can always take them to a local children’s museum where most have a craft room or painting room and let them explore. Here’s a roundup of 50 easy craft ideas for kids if you need inspiration.

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National Learn About Butterflies Day – Mar 14

I’ve never met a child who isn’t fascinated by the transformation story of a caterpillar to a butterfly. If your zoo has a butterfly garden, this would be the perfect day to visit. Or buy a cheap butterfly net. Chances are, your child won’t catch one. But, somehow, they really will have fun trying to. I couldn’t believe how long my young children spend outside actually trying!

butterfly and flower

National Pi Day – Mar 14

National Pi Day is one you can have a lot of fun with if your child’s school does not celebrate it. It is because today is 3.14 which are the first few digits of Pi, a mathematical concept of digits that never end. It is also Albert Einstein’s birthday. For a fun twist on Pi Day, you can serve an actual Pie and have a contest to see who can say the most digits of Pi.

National Potato Chip Day – Mar 14

Have a blindfold taste test with your children. Buy a variety chip bag and put one of each chip inside a cupcake liner or ice cube tray. Then have them eat each chip and try to recognize it. I’ve done similar food games with my children and they have so much fun with this!

child blindfolded for food tasting
food in ice cube tray

National Single Parent Day – Mar 21

In reality, you can’t take today off. You can’t leave the kids at home and go out for a mani/pedi and just celebrate you. But as we get through each day, it’s true as they say, “the days are long, but the years are short.” One day it will all be behind us and we may miss these moments with our children. Watch this video in honor of you!

National Goof Off Day – Mar 22

If you’re brave, be a “yes” Mom today! Ask your child what to do today. Anything. (If money is an issue, then put a dollar cap on it.) Only a child can teach us how to truly Goof Off.

National Puppy Day – Mar 23

Go to the animal shelter and look at all the puppies if you’re strong enough to not buy! Kids love doing this! I like to bring old blankets or comforters with me that we don’t want anymore. Animal shelters are always wanting these as a donation.

National Spinach Day – Mar 26

If you haven’t tried hiding spinach in a smoothie, today’s your day. Trust me – you WILL NOT taste it! Coming from an extremely picky eater, this smoothie will mask the taste of all the greens! I always suggest starting out with this one.

National Crayon Day – Mar 31

There are a ton of fun crafts you can make with all the crayons you have laying around your house. Gather them all up and check these out! My daughter received this as a gift for her 12th birthday, instructions included in the link.

crayon melted on a canvas

National Cleaning Week – Last Week of March

Spring cleaning anyone? Here’s a room by room checklist by none other than Martha Stewart.

Full List of March Activities for Families

These are just a few ideas to get you out and about with your kids! I’ve got 118 days complied for you in a printable you can throw up on the fridge and see what your kids want to celebrate with you! Click here to download.

Find the full series for the full year here.

March Activities for Families