Celebrating Birthdays Big When You are a Single Parent

Why Should you go all out and Celebrate Big as a single parent?

In our family, we celebrate birthdays big. From Pokemon to Spa nights. I’m not talking about the gifts because that we couldn’t care less about them.

It’s about the celebration! What child doesn’t love to be the star of the show?

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 How We Celebrate Birthdays Big

  • Each night the whole week of their birthday, we look at different baby scrapbooks together. I had journaled on each one and the kids love learning about themselves.
  • I let them plan their birthday party for a good six months. As long as they aren’t inviting other kids to this imaginary party, what do I care if they talk it up? I’ll get involved a month beforehand. It changes all the time anyway.
  • Their gift from me is usually their party so they have a big party. Sometimes, it is all at home so it doesn’t cost much – except all my energy. But I try to let them have as many friends and make it as special as possible.

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Why i like to Celebrate Birthdays Big

As a single parent that shares custody, I’m not always with my child on their actual birthday. Plus, the kids are at an age where friends are everything.

As a single parent, celebrating my kid’s birthday in a big way can be therapeutic for ME.

Yes, I made it all it all about me. But hear me out.

Having a large party or experience for my kids (that they want – not one I’m forcing on them) gives me something positive to do when I’m not with my kids. I can plan their party.

I usually do theme parties with hourly activities.

This gives me lots and lots of things to plan!

If I’m not with my child on their actual birthday, it is okay because their actual party wears me out so much I usually need a full day to recover. Plus, it takes me one full day to decorate the house, prepare the games and food.

I’m often able to surprise my children with a houseful of decorations. I prepare the house when they are with their other parent.

I’m certain if I had my kids at home with me 24/7 I wouldn’t be able to pull off some of these celebrations.

There has been some backlash as of late about spoiling our children with huge birthday parties. I disagree. Each family for themselves.

Some have argued that big birthday parties add to spoiling our children. Or that the over-the-top birthday parties are more for the parents than the children.

Guilty. I do use my kids’ parties for therapeutic value for myself.

It is more extravagant than simply playing “pin the tail on the donkey”. If that’s your jam, then that’s great. This is a place of no judgment.

Some moms cook awesome and elaborate birthday dinners. My kids do not get a special, homemade dinner, so it’s win and loose, plus and minus on everything.

Let’s allow each parent to fully celebrate their child as much as they want without guilt.

celebrate birthdays big

I only see positive outcomes.

Being surrounded by all their friends makes your child special.

It’s not about the money. It’s about time and love and planning and execution. Sure, it can be expensive. But I’ve done most of my parties at home with dollar store supplies, serving homemade pizza and ice cream sundaes.

I get to bond with my children’s friends in a way I don’t when it’s just a sleepover.

I am involved throughout the party, supervising, taking pictures, sometimes I am the partner if we have an uneven number of kids at the party.

My kids talk and plan their birthday for probably 6 months. It’s simply fun.

Most of the discussion is the quality time between parent and child. I find out things I wouldn’t normally about friend circles and current interests.

Other ways to Celebrate big

It doesn’t have to be birthdays.

I’ve celebrated Valentine’s Day the same way. BIG. With dollar store candy and paper games.

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But it helps you concentrate on the positive. Celebrate your child and see if you don’t end up smiling.

Some of Our big Celebrations

Here are some of our birthday celebrations to give you some ideas:

Here are some of our holiday celebrations:

P.S. As a single parent, there can be a lot to drag you down.  Spending intentional time with my kids (even when I didn’t want to) has been the number one thing that has taken me from completely overwhelmed to seeing the joy again. Get started today with the Single Mom Toolbox!

Celebrating Birthdays Big When You are a Single Parent

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