Bible Memory Verses: “X” Psalm 99:5

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Memorize Psalm 99:5 with your children from a series of 26 ABC Bible Verses for kids. All 26 ABC Bible Verses contain a free printable verse, a tune to help your child learn the song and a short explanation of the verse.

This post is part of a 26 part series where to help you memorize Bible Verses with your kids. Each post contains 4 elements: a scripture, a video (song), a printable, and teaching. (and sometimes a weekly tip!) There are 26 Bible verses – one for each letter of the alphabet. You can check out the whole series here or just enjoy the resources for memorizing Psalm 99:5 below!

Memorize Psalm 99:5 for Children

Exalt the Lord our God and worship at his footstool; Holy is He!

Psalm 99:5

I know, it’s doesn’t technically start with the letter “X” but hopefully, you’ll give me a break on this one!

Printable of Psalm 99:5

Print Psalm 99:5 by clicking the image below and hang it up by your child’s bed or wherever you practice the memory verses each day.

psalms 99:5

Meaning of Psalm 99:5

Discuss with your kids what “footstool” means in this Psalm.  As explained in some commentaries, the earth is God’s footstool. Often understanding what a child is reciting will help them more readily memorize it.

Encourage your child to draw their interpretation of God and a footstool on the worksheets if you’re using the Children’s ABC Bible Lessons.

Video for Psalm 99:5

The tune for Psalm 99:5 isn’t as upbeat as the others in the ABC series but as we get to the very end of the alphabet, it becomes more difficult to find verses and corresponding songs.

Hopefully, your kids are either excited to finish and are up for the challenge or maybe they are willing to come up with their own tune. If not, this verse is fairly short so I think they can catch on to this one and run with it.

Weekly verses

After my kids learned all 26 verses we played games to seal in the memorization. We didn’t begin memorizing new verses, because let’s be realistic – 26 verses is A LOT! Start getting your kids excited now for the games you can play after verse Z.

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ABC Bible Verse Series

We are on verse X but there’s a whole series if you’re just joining us! Starting on letter A, we’ve been working our way through the alphabet with our children. Each post provides a free printable, a YouTube video (everyone learns best through the power of song), and a short story or commentary when possible.

My kids learned 26 Bible verses this way and I believe yours can too. Check out the full index here and move at your own pace.

Adult Bible Memory Series

I haven’t forgotten about you, moms. Sometimes our hearts need our own space to journal, our own Bible verses to speak to our hearts, and our own worship songs. If that’s you, sign up for your own 6-week series directly to your mailbox.

Bible Memory Verses: “X” Psalm 99:5