Benefits of Children Memorizing Scripture

6 reasons why children should memorize scripture beyond “raise a child up”. Do you want to raise self-sufficient and thinking adults but also raise them to believe God’s word?

6 Benefits of Children Memorizing Scripture

Bonding Time

Assuming you don’t leave it up to Sunday School, you and your children can have a lot of fun memorizing bible verses together. My children and I memorized a Bible verse for every letter of the alphabet in one year, just for fun. We made it part of our nightly routine and took videos of each other singing the Bible verses. We look back at the videos now and only have good memories.

For Times of Drought

We hear a lot lately that youth are leaving the church. And while up to 70% do once they leave home, almost two-thirds come back.  I personally can attest to this. While I left the church for over a decade, my relationship with God never wavered. Memorizing scripture helps children live in obedience as they grow. Especially during the years when they may fall away from the church, those verses tucked away in their hearts, will always be there.


When children memorize Bible verses they learn at a young age they are loved by God. As parents, we are fighting an uphill battle against comparison in the form of social media. We didn’t have access to social media or the world at our fingertips when we were children. In the Bible, that has stood the test of time, our children can hear the truth of who they are.

Share with Others

Children are great at sharing their faith. For them it isn’t about “witnessing”, it is simply about sharing what they love – God. They don’t hold back as adults do. When they are armed with scriptural references they are even more powerful. Children bring their friends to Jesus through their pure and simple love.

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Safe Place for Questioning

When you and your child are memorizing scripture together, it should be a time of open dialogue where your child can ask questions about God and Jesus and why the Bible says different things. Allowing your child to question the Bible in a safe place where you can answer lovingly (or look up the answer) allows your child to become more solid in her or her faith at a younger age.

Children Memorize Easily

Memorizing anything as a child is so much easier than as an adult. Take a new language for example. Who doesn’t wish now they had learned French or Spanish (or both!) as a child. Why not tap into that amazing memory by learning the Bible?

What is learned as a child is often retained for the rest of their lives. My children learned 26 verses when they were seven and eight and they still remember them – they sing them because the tune was what helped the verse stay in their minds.

Do you want to learn 26 Bible Verses with your child in 26 weeks? It’s possible! Check it out HERE.
Benefits of Children Memorizing Scripture