Making Bath Time Fun for Your Kids

Do your children resist taking a bath? Try one of these five sure-fire ways to make bath time fun for your kids.

If your children hate baths, rest assured you are not alone. So many parents struggle to get their children in the bath and the main reason is that kids just don’t see the point in it. It’s also pretty boring for them so if you can make it fun, that’s half the battle. Below are some hints and tips that can help you make bath time enjoyable for everyone.

5 Ways to Make Bath Time Fun for Kids

Waterproof Toys and Dolls

Don’t be afraid to let your child bring their favorite waterproof toy or even a doll into the bath with them. This will give them a much-needed companion and you can even wash the doll to show your child what to do. This is a great way for you to teach them how important bath time is and it will also help to show them when their doll gets clean, so do they.

Have a Race with Toys

If you have more than one child and you want to bathe them at the same time then help them to choose their favorite wind up toy or boat. You can then have them race the toys to see which one wins the race. This is a great way for you to get both of your kids in the bath at the same time. Little things like this can make bath time more fun and it can make a huge difference to their enjoyment when night time comes along.

Fun Washcloths

No child out there wants to get clean by using a boring old washcloth. Try to find one that has an animal on it that they can only use in the bath. This will help your child love getting in the bath and they can play with it as well.

The same concept applies to when your kids are brushing their teeth. Try to find a fun toothbrush and use some brightly colored toothpaste. When you do this, you can easily make them feel as though this time of the night is not all boring and it may even help them to look forward to it as well. If you are struggling to get your child to understand the importance of brushing their teeth then check out a kids dental care to get additional support.

Bring Squirt Guns to the Bath

Kids love to make a mess, let your child have a water pistol or squirt gun in the bath. You can even have a target at the end of the bath to help them with their target practice. This is great if you have more than one child to bathe because it can get them to stay in the bath for longer periods of time and it also helps to keep them very entertained.

Go Bubble Crazy

If your child balks at getting clean then fill the tub with crazy amounts of bubbles and sneak in washing him with just the bubbles. Let your child play with some non-toxic bath bombs while you wash her hair. Somedays, that’s the best you can do. At least most the dirt is washed off!

Making Bath Time Fun for Your Kids