5 Habits You Need to Stop To Be an Awesome Single Mom

If you aren’t happy and fulfilled as a single mom then chances are, you’re guilty of one of these bad habits of single moms that are stopping you from living a full life. Here are 5 destructive habits you need to stop today.

Do you think it’s possible to be joyful as a single mom and to give thanks daily for your situation? 

bad habits for single moms

Not only is it possible, but it’s God’s will for you. (1 Thessalonians 5:16-18)

 The key to your happiness lies in your actions. What are you doing today that is keeping you stuck?

Are you doing these five things that are working in opposition to your joyfulness? 

5 Bad Habits of Single Moms to Stop Now

Talking Bad About Your Ex 

Bad-mouthing your child’s father doesn’t help anyone. Although you may feel like you’re just venting, chances are underneath what you want is someone to validate your feelings and tell you that you’re right, and he’s wrong. 

You and your child’s father aren’t together for a reason. 

Acknowledge from the get-go that the two of you won’t agree on much and try your best to let it go.

Instead of concentrating on what you dislike about your ex, focus on how to solve your current problems. If it’s beyond your control, then get outside help. The more you can stay neutral in your emotions, the better. 

If no problem exists, why are you thinking about your ex?  

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What you focus on grows. 

When we talk negatively about our child’s father, the negative feelings bleed over into how we react when our children speak to us about their dad. 

Their father is part of who our children are. When you disrespect their father, you’re hurting your children.  

bad habits for single moms

Complaining About Your Situation on Social Media

Everyone has heartache and issues and problems, but no one wants to see that same person posting every day just how horrible they have it in life. 

Most of us have enough drama in life, and that’s why we turn to our phones. To escape it, not to add to it. 

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Nothing will get you unfollowed faster.

You’ll be the last to know that you’re spending hours each day complaining to white space. It may look like you have a lot of friends or followers, but everyone has you hidden from their timeline. 

Not Taking Any Responsibility For Your Past

Your ex may be a real PIA, but have you honestly taken responsibility for the choices that have led to where you are today? 

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It may be you’ve been a victim of terrible circumstances the majority of your life. But if you’ve lived more than 20-30 years, chances are you’ve had time to make bad decisions like everyone else. 

Once you’ve acknowledged the role you’ve played in your own life, it’s usually easier to find forgiveness for others. 

bad habits for single moms

Thinking Everyone Else is Judging You

When you’re the only single mom in a sea of other married moms, it can feel like you’re all alone. Maybe you’ve been left off an email or an invite. The natural assumption is that others are judging you, and they don’t even know you. 

The truth is that most people are thinking about themselves. They aren’t thinking about you. Perhaps they’re too self-conscious to introduce themselves. 

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As humans, we all have huge egos to think everyone else is thinking about us all the time. It’s quite freeing to consider everyone else seldom is. They’re too wrapped up in themselves!

Waiting for Another Man Before Live Life 

The hard truth is that you may be single indefinitely. No one ever promised us marriage. 

Although well-meaning friends might tell you otherwise, there’s no guarantee you’ll meet someone. 

If that depresses you, it shouldn’t! 

bad habits for single moms

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You can live a full life as a single parent. The biggest mistake you can ever make is putting your life on hold, waiting for a partner. 

Your life is now! Please don’t waste it on something in the future you may never have. 

This life is full of blessings and love today if only you’ll open your eyes. 

Does that feel too far-fetched?

Join the 21-day Mindset challenge and learn how I’ve gone from wishing for a new life to loving this single-parent life and how you can too! 

5 Habits You Need to Stop To Be an Awesome Single Mom