7 Common Struggles that are Unique to Single Moms

Although single moms are first and foremost MOMS they still have unique struggles that other moms don’t have. Here are 7 struggles single moms share.

7 Unique Struggles of Single Moms


Most single moms have to deal with complicated co-parenting issues, from child support to custody and living arrangements. These co-parenting issues can involve legal issues where custody or court agreements are ignored, forcing the parents into court.

Additionally, as time goes by, many co-parenting relationships evolve to dealing with stepfamilies and other new relationships in their children’s lives.

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Financial Difficulties

Many households struggle to make ends meet with two incomes, but a one-income household that also has to pay for childcare expenses and may or may not be receiving child support is beyond difficult for many single mothers.

Not only is this hardship financial, but it’s also an emotional burden when a mother can’t provide for her children and, in many cases – is no fault of her own.

However, many single mothers can provide for their children with one income, so be careful not to throw all single moms into this bucket.

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Depression and/or Anxiety

This can go for many years undiagnosed, and many single moms describe their life as unfulfilling. They’re too busy taking care of everything to notice that they’re depressed or have time or money to do anything about it.

There isn’t another adult in the house to notice if the mom is sad or depressed. Even if she knows she needs help, who would watch their kids when she went to a therapist? How would they pay for it?

Most can’t afford the time off work or take more time off work since they are fully responsible for using their sick leave when their kids are sick.

Many are stuck with low-cost insurance that doesn’t include therapy.

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Difficulties With Child Rearing Alone

There is no one else to help make day-to-day decisions with the kids. If mom doesn’t feel well, no one can help make dinner or get the kids ready for a bath.

If a child is throwing a fit and the mom is losing her patience, another adult in the house is crucial to step in and give the mom and child a break, but they never get that break with single parents, even when emotions are high.

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Social Stigma

Unfortunately, many people still think that single mothers are promiscuous. She’s living off welfare or child support. Her children are from multiple fathers, and on and on. The truth is that the social stigma that comes with being a single mom is old and outdated but, for some reason, won’t go away.

Society still thinks a single dad is cool and brave, and a single mom is poor and tired.

Chances are, you know multiple single moms, maybe even successful single moms, but she isn’t telling you because of the stigma.

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Isolation / Loneliness

The isolation of having no other adult in the house to talk to, offer advice, help with the kids, or share a laugh or concern with is simply…isolating.

If the children leave to go to the other parent’s house, this may seem like a “break,” but many single moms describe this time as even more isolating and depressing. No mother wants a break from her children for 48 hours where she doesn’t where they are and how they are doing when they are young children.

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Many single moms feel the guilt of not being able to spend enough time with their children. Single moms don’t have the luxury of deciding to be stay-at-home moms, and many works more than one job, often missing out on school activities.

Many single moms also feel guilt about their child either not having their father in their life or feel guilt about the father figure they do have.

7 Common Struggles that are Unique to Single Moms