How to Throw An Office Birthday for a Teenager (or Any Office Fanatic)

Everything we did to throw my teenager an Office Birthday party. Complete with a “that’s what she said” card, a Bird Cake, and Office Trivia. This will make any Office fan happy, not just teenagers.

My son turned 13 during quarantine. Not the greatest time to have a birthday party.

So my daughter and I threw him a party with just the 3 of us with everything he loves the most: The Office.

We decided to make his birthday party last as long as possible with The Office Trivia. I looked everywhere and couldn’t find any Office trivia games that spanned all 9 seasons and was reasonably priced.

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But there are a ton of trivia options available on Etsy. In fact, you can buy all kinds of downloadable trivia games on Etsy.

His birthday present consisted of multiple different gift cards of small amounts to different fast food restaurants around town. (He’s a teenager now, and he never likes what I cook.)

In order to “open” each of his gift cards, he had to correctly answer 10 trivia questions that were inside each of these envelopes. Each envelope contained slightly more than 10 questions just in case he failed one or two questions.

We also worked in “call a friend” and he could ask me for help as his sister asked all the questions and checked all the answers.

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I made my own envelopes for the trivia using the same script for The Office by downloading from the internet the logo for the Office then copying using a black sharpie.

I bought a birthday card from Etsy.

I downloaded it and printed it myself so I didn’t have to wait for it to come in the mail, although I’m sure there are options to have them mailed as well.

Inside the cover, I wrote all the things that were written to Meredith on her card in the episode “The Alliance” Season 1, Episode 4.

office birthday party

On his birthday cake (which his 14 year old sister decorated) she wrote “Happy Bird Day” in chocolate frosting. This too is from “The Alliance” episode.

We decorated the cake with multiple sayings from the office. I downloaded these from Etsy as well. They’re supposed to be cupcake toppers, but we just had a cake.

office birthday party

From Kelly’s birthday party on Season 5 Episode 17 “Lecture Circuit”, she gets to choose between a nap and TV time when there is a Chicklet on her birthday cake.

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I didn’t have any chicklets, but we put a grain of rice in the middle of his cake and played the same game and he chose a nap.

We also made our banner from when Dwight decorated for Kelly’s birthday with an “It’s your birthday.” sign. They have printable banners, like this one, but we didn’t want to spend the extra money.

The best part is my son immediately got all of these jokes.

And yes, he passed all the trivia and won his birthday present.

How to Throw An Office Birthday for a Teenager (or Any Office Fanatic)