Bible Memory Verses: “U” Psalm 123:1

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We are on a quest to memorize 26 bible verses with our children! One for each letter of the alphabet. This is Psalm 123:1 for verse U. Each week comes with a printable, a song to aid in learning, and the story behind the verse. Join in anytime.

This post is part of a 26 part series where to help you memorize Bible Verses with your kids. Each post contains 4 elements: a scripture, a video (song), a printable, and teaching. (and sometimes a weekly tip!) There are 26 Bible verses – one for each letter of the alphabet. You can check out the whole series here or just enjoy the resources for memorizing Psalm 123:1 below!

memorizing Psalm 123:1 with kids

Psalm 123:1: Unto You I lift up my eyes, O You who dwell in the heavens.

As with every verse in the series we try to incorporate the following:

  1. A Printable of the verse to keep near the bed or wherever you are memorizing the verse.
  2. The meaning of the verse. This really helps cement the verse in our children’s heads, especially when there’s a story to go along with it.
  3. A catchy tune to help our children (and us!) learn the verse quickly
  4. An end goal in mind for memorizing these verses to begin with. Memorizing in ABC fashion is doing just that! It’s one our kids will easily understand and get behind.

Printable of Psalm 123:1

Print the verse out below use it for your memorization along with the other tools in this post.

psalm 123:1

Teaching Psalm 123:1 to kids

Here’s a short lesson you can read to your kids about Psalm 123:1. Or just discuss with your kids about looking to God who lives in the heavens when we face trials and questions of any type.

Song to Aid in Memorization of Psalm 123:1

The YouTube video below contains all of Psalm 123 so just listen to the first part to hear verse one long enough to sing the tune with your kids on your own. Once you’ve learned the tune, you’re good to go.


If you don’t like a tune I’ve picked out, you can always do what I’ve done with my kids. There were a couple of tunes we just couldn’t get into so we adapted tunes from our favorite songs.

For example, for Verse N, we used Taylor Swift’s “Never Getting Back Together”.  It ended up sounding like “Nothing shall ever, ever, ever separate us from the love of God.” Not perfect – but we had a lot of fun with it and certainly never forgot it.

Get the full series in an eBook with the bonus Games with additional kid-friendly worksheets.

Index of memory verses for kids

If you need the full index of ABC Bible Memory Verses, you can catch the whole thing HERE. Take it one verse every 1-2 weeks and by the end of a year, you and your kids will have memorized 26 Bible verses! This is what worked for my children and we haven’t forgotten them.

Looking for an adult version? Sign up for my 6-week prayer challenge HERE.

Bible Memory Verses: “U” Psalm 123:1