Bible Memory Verse “A” Joshua 24:15

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Inside: Learn 26 Bible verses in 26 weeks with your kids. We start with Verse A: Joshua 24:15. Get everything you need here.

Joshua 24:15 Bible Memory for Kids

Joshua 24:15 kicks off 26 Bible verses to memorize with your kids in 26 weeks. I promise this will be the easiest and the most fun you and they have ever had learning Bible verses. Are you ready? Let’s begin!

Teaching Joshua 24:15 to your Kids

Joshua 24:15 is a great Bible verse to start this series off with.

“As for me and my house, we will serve the LORD.”

Explain to your child the purpose of learning a new Bible verse of each letter of the alphabet and why you are doing this (your reasons for your faith in your own words) perfectly sets the tone for this series.

Free Printable

Click on the image below to download Joshua 24:15 and hang up while you are practicing. 

A verse

Learning Joshua 24:15 with a Song

We learn everything better when it comes in the form of a tune.

How else do you explain still knowing all the words to your favorite songs from high school?

Some weeks we’ll have fun cartoons for the kids, and some weeks it’ll be an actual video like this one.

If your child gets bored listening to the worship music, skip ahead to about 1:02 in the song to hear the actual verse: Joshua 24:15. It is repeated word for word. Once you have the tune down, that’s all that’s needed. 


If it takes your child a full year (or longer) instead of 26 weeks to learn a Bible verse, that’s ok! It’s not a contest. Anytime spent learning God’s word is worth it.

ABC Bible Memory Series

When you’re ready for the next verse in the series click here for the index. The index also gives you ideas to incorporate learning 26 Bible verses with your children.

abc bible verses

Children’s ABC bible lessons

Grab a copy of the Memory Verse Workbook for Kids and get five activities for each letter of the alphabet/Bible verse plus a lesson plan for each Bible verse. Check it out HERE!

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