How to go on a Gratitude Walk

What is a gratitude walk, and why and how should you take one. Plus, free scripture to use on your walk. 

What is a gratitude walk?

A gratitude walk is a set apart time when you’re in nature, and your mind is focused on what you’re thankful for. 

Expressing gratitude can be done by praising God, listing things you’re thankful for, repeating a positive affirmation or mantra, or simply looking for beauty as you walk. 

Maybe you’ll discover a flower you never noticed before. Perhaps you’ll see a hummingbird or watch how squirrels jump tree branches.  

The walk itself is not about exercise, but you will reap the benefits of a walk. What you’re feeling inside and your thoughts will determine your pace. 

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how to take a gratitude walk

There’s no wrong way to take a gratitude walk. You only need two elements for a successful gratitude walk: walk and thankfulness. 

You can go alone or bring your dog. If possible, don’t take your phone. 

Walking in silence in nature is different from walking for exercise with your headphones or walking and talking to a friend. 

This time allows you to be quiet and appreciate different aspects of your life. 

Try to walk with no destination in mind or walk a well-worn path with which you’re familiar. As you walk, talk to God about what you’re grateful for. 

If your mind wanders, try repeating an affirmation or psalm. These bookmarks contain Bible verses that are perfect to take on your walk. Learn the verse by heart and repeat it as you walk. 

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You can also bring a notebook to record your thankful thoughts or a camera to take pictures of nature. If you take your gratitude walk on a path you’ve walked many times before, be prepared to see and hear new things. 

why should you take a gratitude walk

There are many benefits of walking and many benefits of thinking positive thoughts. When you combine the two, you’re doubling the benefits for your mind, body, and soul. 

When walking and praising (or giving thanks), your worries will take a back seat. Keeping your mind on things above improves your outlook in life and restores your soul. 

Connecting with God in nature can be very peaceful. Thanking God for specific areas in your life is worship. Worshiping God on your nature walk brings you closer to him. 

If you struggle to sit still and pray, then walking and praying might be perfect for you. 

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Possible mantras to repeat as you walk

  • I’m here, Lord. Your servant is listening. 
  • God, create in me a new heart. 
  • I am healthy and have much to be thankful for. 
  • I am doing my best. 
  • I’m in charge of my own happiness. 
  • I am grateful for today. 
  • I am lucky, and I am blessed. My life is full of wonder. 
  • I do need to please everyone. I do enough. I am enough.
  • I love and care for myself.
  • This is who I am, and I feel glad to be me. 
  • Christ in me, Christ through me. 

A gratitude walk is a great time to center on God’s word as well. Download these Bible verses, which all focus on God in nature. 

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How to go on a Gratitude Walk