February Days of the Year for Kids

Share1Pin116Email117 SharesHave you seen the different February days of the year for kids (or whatever month it is) and wished you could remember to celebrate them with your kids? Get a full list here. Monthly Series for Days of the Year for Kids Every month, I’ll be scouring the best days of the year activities…

Have you seen the different February days of the year for kids (or whatever month it is) and wished you could remember to celebrate them with your kids? Get a full list here.

Monthly Series for Days of the Year for Kids

Every month, I’ll be scouring the best days of the year activities for our kids and posting them here. At the end of the year, we will have 12 posts we can always visit for inspiration.

Check out the full list of February Activities for Families no matter where you live. While you’re there check out all the other months of the year. Don’t wait until your child’s birthday to celebrate!

For Example…

What if you took “National Pizza Day” and served pizza for breakfast and lunch and dinner? Maybe learn how to make your pizza crust? Let the kids pick their own crazy toppings. Make an absolute mess in the kitchen. Or buy pizza from 3 different places and have a contest with your kids to see which made the best pizza?

February days of the year for kids make pizza

I bet your kids would remember that. It doesn’t always need to be a big birthday party.

Sometimes we just need some ideas to get the juices flowing.

For each month of the year, I’ve scanned multiple sources of days and months of the year and compiled a February Days of the Year for Kids below.
Obviously, we can’t celebrate them all. But imagine our kids’ faces if we celebrated even one a month?

February Days of the Year for Kids

Bubble Gum Day – 1st Friday in February

Sometimes schools let kids chew bubble in class in exchange for $.50 or $1.00. The money goes to StuCo or a local charity. Since bubble gum is fairly cheap, you can easily do this one at home if the school isn’t playing along! Take the kids to the gas station and let them buy a couple packs of bubble gum and maybe invite a friend or two and have a bubble gum blowing contest!

February days of the year for kids bubble gum day
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Groundhog Day – February 2nd

My favorite way to celebrate Groundhog Day is not by waiting to see what Punxsutawney Phil does (he always his shadow here in Kansas), but to watch Bill Murray’s Groundhog Day. It seriously never gets old! It’s rated PG so it’s pretty kid-friendly.

Thank a Mailman Day – Feb 4th

Mail carriers are public servants and cannot accept tips. However, how about a random act of kindness? You can give your mail carrier a baked treat or a cup of hot cocoa – it’s usually pretty cold on Feb 4th! Kids love to do this kind of stuff!

National Frozen Yogurt Day – Feb 6th

Make sure to check around town and see if there are any deals at your local frozen yogurt shops on this day, most celebrate in some way.

Send a Card to a Friend Day – Feb 7th

Although this holiday was most likely created by greeting card companies it doesn’t mean our loved ones wouldn’t love to get a card in the mail from our children! Grab some construction paper, markers, and stickers and sit down with your kids and let their creative side come out. You could also get started on some of your Valentine’s Day cards while you’re at it.

Another idea if you don’t feel like getting all crafty is sending a physical card in the mail through your phone! Download the app TouchNote then just choose a picture and write your message on the app. The postcard will be sent to your recipient.

I actually send all my postcards when traveling this way. I include a picture of my kids and I on our trip and I don’t have to hunt for stamps or wait for our pictures to be developed!

National Pizza Day – Feb 9

Like I mentioned above, do something out of the ordinary for this day. Pizza gets served fairly often most households, so it probably needs to be extra special to stand out in the kids’ memories.

Serve it 3 times in one day, make your own crust, let the kids make their own (using pita bread as the crust then their own toppings makes this very easy), or order a few small pizzas from multiple places then have a blindfold taste test with the kids. Kids love “food challenges” like this!

Make a Friend Day – Feb 11

National Tortellini Day – Feb 13

Cheese tortellini is usually a safe bet for kids. Top it with alfredo sauce and you’re good to go!

Random Acts of Kindness Day (February 17) & Random Acts of Kindness Week (February 12-18)

This is my favorite week for February days of the year for kids. I celebrate this each year with my kids. Check out all the information here!

random acts of kindness week candy

Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast Day – Feb 18th

I don’t think you’ll have a hard time convincing your kids to do this one! Once you check out the story behind eating ice cream for breakfast, you’ll jump on board too. It’s a great opportunity to enjoy a fun morning with your kids while talking to them about childhood cancer.

National Love Your Pet Day – Feb 20th

If you have a pet, you’re probably already doing this! Just tell your kids what today is and I bet they will come up with all kinds of ideas! You could take them for a special walk, to the bark park, give them a bath, dress them up, bake them a special treat, etc.

February days of the year for kids dress up dog

Great American Pizza Bake – Second Week of February

If you missed pizza day earlier in the month, here’s your second chance! Or maybe the kids loved it so much – repeat!

National Chili Day – Fourth Thursday in February

Depending on your kids, you may need to make chili dogs for this one! I’ll be making my chili in the Instant Pot since I’m lazy like that. This is a good chili recipe for the Instant Pot.

National Tortilla Chip Day – Feb 24th

What kid doesn’t like tortilla chips? Mine would go crazy if I let them get their own bag and just eat it!

National Tell a Fairy Tale Day – Feb 26th

If you’re really creative, you can tell your kids your own Fairy Tale. Or go around in a circle and have each person tell part of a fairy tale, making it up as you all go along. If you’d rather just read a Fairy Tale to your kids (like I would!) there is a free online library with no login required at World of Fairy Tales.

Want More February Days of the Year?

These are just the February days of the year for kids I think kids will enjoy the most. There are a ton more! Some are truly crazy!

If you want the full (kid-friendly) list to print off and hang on your refrigerator, click here.

February Days of the Year for Kids