Bible Journaling: 7 Tips How You Can Get Started Today!

Have you wondered what Bible journaling is all about, how to do it and how exactly to Bible Journal? Check out these 7 tips on how to get started today. It’s easier than you thought!

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I longed to read my Bible, but when I went to open it, I was at a loss.

Where did I go, what would I read?

Usually, when I had a study to follow, I could stay focused, but without a Bible study, my Bible was left untouched.

I needed a way to reconnect to my Bible.

And then one day through Facebook’s unique algorithm I was presented with a video of someone doodling in their bible.

One click led to another, and before I knew it, I was setting aside whole evenings to spend in my Bible. I discovered Bible journaling.

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7 reasons why bible journaling is for you

  1. Allows you to meditate on a verse while you’re journaling around it.
  2. Some people give their finished journaled bible as gifts, or they plan to pass them down.
  3. Spend time in God’s word.
  4. Listening to what God wants to say to you.
  5. Look back at the verses you felt so moved to journal about can remind you of what God brought you through.
  6. Bible journaling can jump-start your prayer life and your time with God as it did with me.
  7. God gave you artistic abilities. Use them in your expressions of love back to your creator.

how to fall in love with bible journaling

Start slow

Go to your favorite verse or one you memorized as a child.

Spend some time in prayer.

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Instead of merely highlighting the verse, you can start by highlighting it with washi tape. Or doodle around the verse.

Get a Guide

This book helped me feel brave enough to venture into painting in my Bible. And I’m no painter.

The book walks you through different techniques and then gives you blank pages to try out the ideas you learned before you try them in your bible.

I also learned what to do if you make a “mistake”. And more importantly, there aren’t any mistakes.

Lifeway has a lot of information on how to start bible journaling.

bible journaling

Use Old Supplies

Gather up old scrapbook supplies if that was your thing or craft supplies.

When I first started, I used my daughter’s acrylic paints. I find it helpful to use a Bible journaling mat to prevent paint from leaking through the pages.

Bible Journaling Kit

Bible journaling kits come with all the essentials you need to get started bible journaling.

The kits on Lifeway are the most inclusive or visit a Bible store. I don’t care for the offerings on Amazon at this time, maybe it will catch on, and more choices will be available before long.

Start with the Basicsbible journaling

What journalling you include in your bible is entirely up to you.

The basics include:

  • date your entry/art
  • journal
    • with your writing
    • just a title with letter stickers count
    • insert your weekly church notes
    • insert a meaningful card or letter
  • include embellishments of some sort such as stickers or paint with acrylic or watercolors

Your Bible

You can buy a bible that’s specifically for journaling, or you can use a regular Bible with large margins.

I chose to use my normal Bible. I’m pretty careful to stay within the margins, but some people don’t mind covering up words.

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Need some ideas of where to start in your Bible?

Try this 30-day challenge to start bible journaling today. Start with day one, and don’t’ worry if it takes you one month or six to get through. The purpose is to spend time in God’s word and look forward to it.

The Bible Journaling Challenge is included inside the Faith Mini-Bundle.

Bible Journaling: 7 Tips How You Can Get Started Today!