You Are Not Broken

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Why telling ourselves that we are “broken” can make our self-esteem plummet even further. Is there any truth to the statement “I’m broken?” Not when we look at Christ. Instead, let’s embrace the truth of who we are in Jesus instead.

Why I Know You Aren’t Broken

I have a friend who’s going through a difficult time. Her counselor to her to repeat to herself, “I’m broken, but I’ll be okay.” 

That mantra didn’t sit well with me. Why would anyone repeat to themselves, “I’m broken?” 

Yes, we live in a broken world, but we are made new with Christ. We are chosen, holy and beloved. 

If you’ve bought the lie that you are broken, rest in this:

In Christ, you are 

  • restored
  • accepted
  • chosen
  • wonderfully made
  • strong

You are a conqueror in Christ. You may have been knocked down, but if you’re in Christ, you’re not broken!

Jesus has restored us to righteousness. 

If I’m not broken, why do I feel like I am? 

When you feel hopeless and discouraged, it’s natural to feel broken. You may look in amazement at a world that keeps spinning when your world has stopped. 

We live in a broken world. There’s no denying it. 

We see evidence of the brokenness all around us: in the news, our relationships, and even our own hearts. Maybe you were hurt by someone you loved or made a mistake that cost you dearly. 

Whatever the case may be, there is a reason why broken things are often thrown away. They are seen as damaged beyond repair, and it can be tempting to believe that we are also beyond repair. But our self-worth tumbles when we think of ourselves as broken and disposable. 

But the truth is that we are not disposable or worthless. We are worth so much more. 

YOU are worth more.

How Can I Feel Whole Again?

We can choose to be whole, despite the brokenness that surrounds us. It starts with recognizing that we are not broken. Instead, we are whole in Christ. He lacks no good thing. So though the world may be broken, we can still find hope and healing in Him. 

When we turn to God, He mends our broken hearts and makes us whole again.

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How can I quit feeling broken? 

Focus on what brings you joy.

What do you love to do? Maybe it’s running or painting. Try to squeeze in more time to do the things you love. Making time for this when you’re going through a tough season becomes a source of self-care. It may be hard at first to pick up that brush or put running shoes on, but remind yourself each tiny step forward is a step forward. 

Ask for help

Many of us would be surprised how many people in our lives would help us if only we asked. It’s not enough to say you’re overwhelmed. Ask for what you need. 

A friend of mine posted on her Facebook wall that she needed help – physical help from nearby friends and listed out what she needed. The response was astonishing. 

She received very little help when she stated she was having a hard time. But once she listed out what she needed (a meal delivered, frozen dinners, someone to watch her child for a couple of hours, a friend to come over and sit with her, someone to do her dishes and laundry), she received that then some.

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Stay present in the moment. 

If you’re devasted over a situation in the past, continually tell yourself to focus on today. Sometimes current circumstances are so crushing that focusing on an entire day is too much. Instead, ask God to bring you through the next hour and ask for grace and mercy for another hour when that hour passes. 

Try naming what you’re experiencing in the present moment by focusing on your five senses. For example, name what you hear, feel, touch, see, and taste. This exercise forces your brain to focus on the here and now. 

Walk through the hard stuff without medicating. 

You can medicate with more than pills: food, alcohol, exercise, social media, etc. Anything that numbs your pain so you don’t have to face your situation or “feel all the feels.” The best way through the hard stuff is straight through. 

Go to God and let Him restore you. Trust Him with the situation and your heart. 

Focus on Jesus

When the thoughts of negativity begin to occupy your mind, focus on Jesus. Memorize a Bible verse to repeat when you feel this way. 

Close your eyes for just 2 minutes, concentrating on your breath. 

Fill your world with things of Jesus. Listen to encouraging podcasts, and put sticky notes around your house with affirmations.

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You are not broken. You are hurting, and that is a very real and understandable thing. But you are not broken. 

You can heal and do so in ways that will make you stronger than before. Remember, healing takes time, but it is possible. And you are definitely worth the effort.

You Are Not Broken