Ideas of What to Give to a Single Mom on Mother’s Day

Giving a single mom a gift on Mother’s Day will be the highlight of her day. Chances are her children are too young to commemorate the day, and Mother’s Day will be just another demanding day.

The Anonymous Gifts I Received on Mother’s Day as a Single Mom

After being a single mom for eight years, I received two anonymous gifts from unrelated organizations that wanted to recognize the challenging and sometimes lonely road of single moms. 

I was surprised and grateful. In all my years as a single mom, I rarely received gifts on Mother’s Day with young children. I often spent the holiday alone with my kids at their dad’s. Bad luck on my end with the custody agreement. 

A woman from a local church that I only attended a couple of times dropped off a bouquet. 

A completely random organization received my name and address and dropped off a small gift basket that included chocolate and a bottle of champagne. 

If you’re looking for ideas of what to give a single mom on Mother’s Day, the sky is the limit, as evident by the champagne I received and appreciated! But here are some more ideas.

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What to Give a Single Mom on Mother’s Day 

  1. Bring her flowers – either a bouquet or drop off some outside flowers.
  2. A gift card to go out to eat with her kids.
  3. A meal – either ready to eat or a frozen meal.
  4. Mother’s Day pop-up card. Send her a card full of flowers! These cards are a great gift if you live far away from the mom you want to celebrate.
  5. Bring her a coffee.
  6. A framed picture of her with her kids. Grab one-off social media or offer to take one of them someday, then get it framed. Single moms don’t have a spouse to take their picture with their kids, so they often don’t have many. 
  7. Professional photoshoot for mom and kids. 
  8. Ask her children questions about their mom without her knowing it, then write them down and surprise her with it. 
  9. Offer to babysit.
  10. Surprise her with yard work. Most single moms feel like the yard is one more thing on their to-do list they don’t have time for, and if they have young children, it’s tough to find the time to get outside to mow or work when the kids are occupied and safe.  
  11. A free house cleaning. 
  12. If she has more than one child, offer to watch one so she can have one-on-one time with the older one or whichever one she doesn’t get to spend as much time with. 
  13. At home spa kit. 
  14. Drop off donuts or breakfast on Mother’s Day. 
  15. Give her a certificate for a pedicure or a manicure. 
  16. A gift card to pretty much anywhere: local grocery store, amazon, her favorite store. 

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If you don’t think the single mom in your life will like any of these ideas, I highly suggest giving a small gift basket of chocolate and champagne.

It’s the perfect gift for Mother’s Day for a single mom because she deserves to celebrate her hard work.   

Ideas of What to Give to a Single Mom on Mother’s Day