Top Uses for Copaiba Essential Oil

Check out the top uses for copaiba essential oil. This is the oil that made me a believer in all things essential oils! See how you can use this essential oil too.

What is Copaiba Essential Oil?

Copaiba (pronounced coh-pah-ee-buh) is a resin that comes from the trunks of Copaifera trees, which are grown in places like North America, South America, and also tropical Africa.

Copaiba resins have been extracted and used by people dating back to the 16th century. Numerous studies have been done on the resin and oil in the 21st century that reveals many compounds and constituents in Copaiba that support the human body. It includes the naturally occurring constituents beta-caryophyllene and alpha-humulene.

Copaiba essential oil is what sold me on essential oils! A drop each morning in my water has saved me from what were daily aches.

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Top Uses for Copaiba Essential Oil

  • Apply to gums to help with teething or other hurting gums or teeth.
  • Copaiba is also great for mixing with honey and warm water to create a tea.
  • Can help ease any physical changes associated with exercise or aging.
  • Eases head tension.
  • Supports healthy cartilage function.
  • May help babies get through the teething process.
  • Highest naturally occurring anti-inflammatory known to man.
  • Add one drop to your water daily to help with any reoccurring inflammatory issues.
  • Add a drop of copaiba in your morning smoothie. Or your water like I do!
  • Apply on contact to sore gums or teeth.
  • When diffusing, has a nice earthy smell.
  • One drop under each arm for a natural, effective deodorant. Yep, it works!
  • Helps calm and soothe muscles. Apply it directly.
  • Helps alleviate occasional nervous irritability. It is a good emotional oil.
  • Apply to the stomach or take in a capsule for a happy tummy.
  • There’s a compound found in cannabis called Beta caryophyllene. And it can help with pain, inflammation, sleep, mood, injury response, and the immune system.
    • Beta-Caryophyllene is ALSO found in Copaiba essential oil!
    • CBD oil has this compound around 35%…
    • Copaiba essential oil has it at 55%

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Copaiba Essential Oil from Young Living

copaiba essential oil

My favorite essential oil company is Young Living. I tried essential oils in the past for different issues I had and just figured essential oils were a fad or simply didn’t work for me. Until I tried Young Living copaiba essential oil. Then it was over for me.

Top Uses for Copaiba Essential Oil

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