6 Habits Happy and Successful Single Moms All Share

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Do you ever wonder how it is some single moms seem to succeed and are happy no matter what? Turns out all successful single moms have these 6 habits in common.

After interviewing multiple successful single moms and years of being a single mom myself, common themes are present in all of the stories that make single moms successful.

All happy and successful single moms share the following characteristics:

  • Successful single moms focus in on what matters
  • Know when to ask for help and aren’t ashamed to do so
  • They let go of what holds themselves and their children back
  • Self-care isn’t optional
  • Give up control where it isn’t serving them
  • Attitude wins the day

Easier said than done? Let’s dig in further.

6 habits of successful single moms

Stay Focused 

While worrying about bills and working multiple jobs, remind yourself who you’re doing this for.

Sure, there may be easier routes, and it may seem like your children are ungrateful, or no one understands. But one day, you’ll look back on the tiny humans you raised single-handedly, and you won’t regret a minute of it.

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Ask for help

Some of the hardest times successful single moms have shared over the years were times they didn’t have any help nearby to share the burden of child-rearing.

But amidst those difficult times, successful single moms looked for help in unexpected places and accepted help from surprising people. It’s scary to reach out to people, but a life lived in isolation as a single mom with young kids is often scarier. 

You can build your own tribe with tips like these.

Letting Go

Don’t compare yourself to other moms who have help in their home. 

You may miss your child’s games because you’re working or not be able to afford everything the family next door can. Let these comparisons go and run your own race.

Instead of trying to be the best mom possible, be the best mom you can be – no comparisons.

This attitude shift takes the pressure off yourself, and your children will benefit when they see their mama with less stress even if that means they’re doing less stuff. Often what our children want is more of us, not more things or more activities. 

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Self-care isn’t optional

Self-care is essential for single moms and also the number one thing we let go whether from guilt or from years of making ourselves the last priority. 

Self-care doesn’t have to include spending money or an hour of your time each day. Simple, little acts of self-care each day can make a huge difference in your life. Get ideas here.

Giving up control 

Giving up control of your children when leaving for their daddy’s, your finances, parenting of your kids, your job – giving up control of all the balls you’re trying to single-handedly keep up in the air to God. 

Successful single mothers don’t even try to do it all alone. They acknowledge it’s not possible, and they give it to God. 

God loves your children more than you, and He loves you. He can be trusted. He wants you to rest. 

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Attitude is everything

Successful single moms never give up. They keep looking forward. 

Many single moms don’t think they can do “all the things” at one time or another. Especially the first couple of years. 

Where can you find the inspiration you need to get through today? Once you’ve found a source of encouragement, hold onto it even when things are going great because tomorrow you may need to lean on it.

Acknowledge and be thankful for what you have. Did you escape a previous abusive relationship? Thank God for your children and freedom.

This single-mom life isn’t ideal. No one grows up, wanting to be a single mom. But your attitude today is what will carry you through your days; it won’t change your circumstances. 

Although it doesn’t make your situation more comfortable, you are stronger than you think you are. You will come out from the other side stronger and proud of yourself for all you have accomplished. 

Keep going, and don’t give up. 

If you struggle in this area, try affirmations to root yourself in the Word of God or the 21-day Mindset challenge for single moms.

6 Habits Happy and Successful Single Moms All Share