5 Best Practices for Single Parents Taking Care of Quarantined Kids

SharePinEmailHow to take care of your kids when quarantined as a single parent. 5 tips for surviving a pandemic alone with a child. This sounds like hell… Let’s face it. This period is going to be one of the toughest moments of our lives. And worse still, we have no idea how long the pandemic…

How to take care of your kids when quarantined as a single parent. 5 tips for surviving a pandemic alone with a child.

This sounds like hell…


Let’s face it. This period is going to be one of the toughest moments of our lives. And worse still, we have no idea how long the pandemic is going to last.

While it’s understandable that you can be in a panic mode, it’s not the best solution. This is especially important if you’re a single parent of a child that needs to be quarantined.

Tough times don’t last forever.

Frankly, I’m persuaded that’s what you need to hear during this time. Surely, there will be light at the end of the tunnel!

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Coronavirus disease –COVID 19– is here with us, and it’s sad that we have to deal with it. This is not the time to bury our heads in the sand and pretend everything is going to be just fine.

Taking care of children during this pandemic can be such a demanding task. And if you are a single parent or a caregiver, you’re probably losing your mind now. It gets worse when you’re surrounded by negativity and pessimism. But here is the good news: this is a disease like any other, and you can handle it effectively.

But first, you need to be aware of the psychological effects of quarantine on your children’s mental health and their total well-being. It’s the only way you can be better equipped to take care of them while in quarantine facilities. Here are the possible ways this infectious disease can affect children.

Mental Impacts of Quarantine on Children

Children are innocent…and probably they have no proper understanding of what’s going on. Also, they are known to be full of energy and thus love being all over the place. Therefore, putting them in isolation or merely restricting their movements and daily activities doesn’t sound right. I know you agree with me on this.


While this measure may be inconveniencing, it’s a necessary one if you and the children are to go through this successfully. That’s why I’m going to show you the best practices that you can make good use of to take care of the children in quarantine facilities.

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But before diving deeper into that, see how the children are likely to be affected.

  • Uncontrollable Anxiety.
  • They become indecisive.
  • They become easily irritated.
  • They develop poor concentration,
  • Suffer general body exhaustion and fatigue, and
  • Loneliness and detachment from their usual playmates.

Being a responsible single parent that you are, I know you wouldn’t want to put the children under such an uncomfortable experience. But you don’t have to figure out everything on your own. That’s the reason why I have prepared this article with you in mind.

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My aim is to provide you with the right information on how to take care of quarantined children and to keep them off from suffering mental or psychological impacts of the disease.

How single parents can Take Care of Quarantined Children

The best practice solutions are simple and easy to follow. You’ll find them useful and handy. Moreover, they are children-friendly, and your kids are going to love the idea.

So, here we go!

Provide Basic Needs and Supplies

Children too, are human!

Therefore, it’s only fair that they have adequate access to their basic needs. The basic requirements are food, clothing, and shelter.

Of these three, food should be given the highest priority. This is in the assumption that they are quarantined in a secure place.


If they are to go through this pandemic and emerge as victors, they need to feed on a healthy diet. As a caregiver, ensure their meals are well balanced and evenly sequenced.

Feed Them With The Right Information

The world is frightened by the pandemic, and it’s just so that children are also scared in equal measure. After all, they are humans like everyone else. Fear is a significant course of destruction. Therefore, the last thing you want to see is panic in the children. It’s possible to avoid this by feeding them with the right information.

First, tell them the truth. Tell them what the disease is all about and how infectious it is.

Second, tell them that it’s not the end of the world for anyone that contracts the disease.

Third, with proper care–such as social distancing, washing of hands and sneezing or coughing in a handkerchief, they can reduce the spread of the virus.

Engage In Fun Activities That Kill Boredom

This is the part that makes kids tick.

Under normal circumstances, kids are ever jovial and love engaging in outdoor physical activities. While this may be impossible at this time, it’s still possible to make fun. You can play fun games indoors. Some of these include computer games or scramble. Better yet, you can dive into the Disney world and watch some animation movies together.

Fun activities are the best as they help to relieve the tension and a little drift from reality at hand.

Be The Pillar Of Hope And Strength

Children can be funny…

You might not know this yet, but I should let you know how much children look up to adults. And in the right environment, they’ll tend to emulate everything you do.

Therefore, you need to be a ray of hope for them in this period. You’re probably wondering,

“So, how do I go about that?”

Well…just remain optimistic, wear a smile on your face and tell them it’s going to be okay. Occasionally, you can engage incorporate meditation, after which you encourage them.

Serve As A good Example

Will your efforts bear fruits if you are full of words and no action? Duh! Your guess is as good as mine. Like previously mentioned, your best weapon is leading by example.

Thus, if you tell them to wash their hands or use an alcohol-based sanitizer after say 30 minutes, you want to be on the front line showing them how to do it.

After all, children will only copy what an adult does.

Final Thoughts

Children’s health matters a lot, and as a single parent, this should be a significant concern.

While it’s okay to be frightened, you need to know it is possible to take care of children in quarantine facilities without installing panic in them.

This is for your peace of mind as well as theirs. If done correctly, you stand to keep the children from psychological impacts that can affect their health.

Isn’t this what you want?

Now it’s time to take action. Merely wishing is not enough!

This was a guest post.

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5 Best Practices for Single Parents Taking Care of Quarantined Kids