Single Parent Affirmations

Feeling lost as a single parent? One of the best things you can do for yourself and your children is ensuring your own self-talk is positive. Use these affirmations for single parents to speak uplifting words to yourself and your children.

I will not feel guilty for the past and for the way our family has come together. My guilt doesn’t serve anyone.

I will take care of myself so that my child will learn to respect themselves.

I will not do for my child what they can do for themselves.

I will not feel guilty for not being able to give my child everything they desire.

single parent affirmations

I will not respond to my child from a space of reactivity.

I will go into a separate room to breathe deep when there is tension in my house.

When I feel alone, I will not use my child as a friend; instead, I will bring my loneliness to God.

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When my child is emotional, I will not take what they say personally.

When my child hurts my feelings, I will not be emotional back; understanding children must have a safe place to express themselves.

I will not treat my toddler like an adult, and I won’t treat my teenager as a child.

When there is resistance with my child, I will try to see if they need more love from me instead of more friction.

I will let my children make mistakes and experience life’s natural consequences.

I will pray for my children to love God with all of their hearts, mind, and soul.

I will model apologizing to my children when I hurt their feelings.

Jesus will be first in my life, so that I will respond to my children through the overflow of God’s love.

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I will wake up with purpose and gratitude for my children and life through Jesus Christ.

I will be a soft place for my children to land.

When I feel like giving up, I will turn to God for strength, knowing that when I am weak, He is strong.

I will support the people who are in my children’s lives. Whether they be teachers, preachers, or friends, supporting them supports my child.

I will not bad-mouth my children’s father or mother, especially in front of my children.

I will trust God with my children and will not obsessively worry when they are not with me.

God made me to be my child’s parent for a purpose.

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I will empower my children to stand up for injustices they witness.

My children will live in a home that makes them feel supported, loved, and encouraged.

I will teach my children kindness to the less fortunate through my words and actions.

I will support my children as they discover their own likes and dislikes.

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I will provide healthy food for my children and not comment on their weight or mine so they will know how to nourish their bodies in a healthy way.

I will be my children’s biggest cheerleader.

I will encourage my children to follow their dreams and get back up when they fall.

My children will never think they’ve come from a “broken home,” but instead a loving, healthy, and whole family.

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I will not yell at my children when I’m frustrated.

My children will always know they can come to me for anything.

I will teach my children to take responsibility for their actions.

My children will know that more important than anything else, they are precious children of God.

Single Parent Affirmations