Self-Defense Tips for Single Moms from an Expert

Self-defense tips single moms can use to protect themselves, their homes, and their children. From situational awareness to the types of things to look out for and how to set up your home to be as safe as possible.

Ways Single Moms Can Protect themselves & their homes

(1:57) Situational awareness

  • Don’t be so caught up in your phone when out
  • You can be assaulted in a good or bad neighborhood
  • It’s not about paranoia or fear-mongering. It’s about empowering ourselves to always have a plan and to teach our children what our plan is.
  • Be smart when alone and use simple things like a flashlight.
  • It tells the world that you’re aware of what’s going on around you and it tells them that you’re not an easy mark.
  • A flashlight can also be a force multiplier

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(5:16) Women need to trust their instinct and intuition and teach their kids to honor those feelings too.

  • “We all have a God-given thing in us that alarms us when something is off or wrong. It’s like our fear system. And as women, we’ve kind of been taught to ignore that.”
  • Teach your children to keep their heads up, keep their shoulders back, and move with intention.
  • You need to trust that fear, instinct, and intuition.

(7:05) How something as simple as a whistle can help you.

  • A whistle is a weird noise and you’re going to get eyes. And what an assailant does not want or an intruder does not want attention
  • The other thing that can happen when you’re in a really bad situation is we can actually lose our voices, which is that fear overcomes us. So having a whistle can be a life-saver.
  • Kids can also attach a whistle to their bikes or belt loops.

(8:49) When and how to talk to our kids about self-defense

  • Age four or five or as soon as you start letting them wander past your eyesight a little bit is a good point to start.
  • Having a personal alarm next to their flashlight at their nightstand, maybe like seven or eight
  • This makes them feel really good and empowered
  • We have a good set of books out called Heart Defenders. And the heart behind the Heart Defenders series is teaching children to lead by trusting their intuition.

(11:44) Making eye contact with strangers

  • When there is somebody that’s making you uncomfortable, it is actually better to look him straight in the eyes and kind of like let them know you’re aware.

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(15:37) How can single moms feel safe at home at night?

  • By “staging your house” For example:
    • In my kitchen drawer and like my junk drawer in my kitchen, I have a stun gun. It’s charged only myself and my family members know it’s there. We all know how to use it.
    • In my medicine cabinet in my bathroom, I have pepper spray.
    • I have several doors in the house that I live in, but some of them on the door jam, like right above the door, I keep a coup Baton, which is like a skinny baton for striking.
    • Besides my bed, I keep a stun wand. So if somebody tries to grab it away from you, they’re getting stunned the second they touch it.
  • “A lot of times like self-defense, people, teachers, gurus are teaching you how to do the cool stuff and be stronger than your assailant, that sort of thing. That’s not what I’m into because I want to teach women and children to find ways to protect ourselves, to give us the time to get away.”

(20:13) When Should We Invest in Self-Defense Equipment

  • Most people wait until something happens before they buy self-defense equipment.
  • The time to invest in the equipment (or even dig up your flashlight and whistle) is now.
  • Cate also talks about how it does no good just to own the equipment. You must know how to use and get some muscle memory, so you’re prepared in an emergency.

What I learned about self-defense for Single Moms

  • If you don’t have a lot of money, then start with a whistle or a flashlight. Carry them with you and use them. Teach your kids how to use them.
  • Be aware of your surroundings at all times. Let others know you see them and could identify them if needed.
  • Stage your home with your self-defense equipment. Make sure everyone in your family knows where your equipment is.
  • If you have self-defense equipment, become very familiar with how to use it. In the heat of the moment, you need to be ready to act on instinct.
  • Consider equipment that gives you and your children time to escape. There’s a lot of equipment available that’s friendly enough for women but powerful enough to buy you time to get safe.

Where to buy self-defense Equipment

Self-Defense Tips for Single Moms from an Expert