November Fun for Families – Beyond Thanksgiving

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You can get a family friendly list of November days to celebrate here.  The best way to use the calendar is to hang it up and highlight a few to celebrate. Did you know there’s more to November than Thanksgiving and shopping? 

November Days of Celebration

There’s more to November than turkey and shopping. If you want some ideas, no matter where you live, that doesn’t cost anything, consider checking out these National “holidays” in November. I bet you didn’t know about 90% of them.

I highlighted just a couple below but there are over 80 more.

You can get the full list of November days of Celebration for free here. The best way to use it is to hang it up and highlight a few celebrations to observe throughout the month.

sampling of the November days of the Month for Families.

Sandwich Day – November 3

Celebrate Sandwich Day with your kids by serving sandwiches for all 3 meals. Egg sandwich for breakfast, grilled cheese or PB&J for lunch, then Monte Cristo or a patty melt for dinner.

National Doughnut Day – November 5

If you print out this month’s calendar, your child is for sure going to see National Doughnut Day and there’s no way you won’t be celebrating this one with least one trip to the doughnut store!

Book Lover’s Day – 1st Saturday of the Month

Celebrating this day in November is a great excuse to head the library or the bookstore with the kids. If you struggle to get your kids to read much, download the November calendar here and have them pick a few activities and you pick some – there are a couple related to reading this month. Some great pre-teen reads can be found here.

World Kindness Day – November 13

A couple of the biggest events celebrating kindness is Random Act of Kindness Week in February and World Kindness Day in November. If you’re like me and think we should be kind every day, check out these products which help keep kindness forefront of the mind!

Or if you just need some ideas to celebrate World Kindness Day, download 80 of them you can do with your kids here.

acts of kindness ideas

Clean Your Refrigerator Day – November 15

Who really wants to do this? But having one day on the calendar a year right before your biggest meal of the year is probably the best time. While you’re at it, put a small box of baking soda in the back or the door to help with odors.

Take A Hike Day – November 17

Don’t cross this one off your list if you live on the flatlands. Most likely you have hiking trails nearby. Hiking is such a change of pace from walking that you may find yourself with a new hobby. Grab these nature verses to take along with you because nature you find hiking is unlike what you see on a normal walk!

Mickey Mouse Birthday – November 18

If your kid (or you!) loves Mickey, it might be fun to throw him a mouse-sized birthday party. Remember the whole point of these calendars is to find everyday moments to celebrate that don’t cost a lot or any money. Those are the moments your kids will remember.

National Day of Giving –  Tuesday following Thanksgiving

This day was created to encourage consumers to give to charities directly after the two biggest shopping days of the year – Black Friday and Cyber Monday. One of my favorite charities is which allows you to choose a recipient and give them a loan for as little as $25. Your loan is paid back and you can reinvest it in other aspiring small businesses around the world in third countries.

National Mason Jar Day – November 30

This is a fun day to celebrate if you’re up for a day of crafting in preparation for Christmas gifts! Relaxing bath salts put into tinted mason jars are always a favorite!

mason jar gift bath salts

So Many More Days of the Month to Celebrate in November

This was just a sampling. Want the other 80+ November days of the month to create own memories with your kids? Download here.

The full year can be accessed here.

November Fun for Families - Beyond Thanksgiving