How to Teach Kids Bible Verses (Even if They Aren’t Interested)

Inside: Your ultimate guide of memory verses for kids. Everything you need to learn alongside your kids 26 bible verses in 26 weeks. This post contains a tried and true method with songs and games for kids ages 5-12.

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How Bible Verses Saved My Family

It had been over a year since my divorce. My children were young at the time, ages 6 and 7, and we still couldn’t seem to get our footing during bedtime.

After working long hours, I was too exhausted for all that my young children demanded of me: cooking, cleaning, homework, routines. By evening, no energy or brainwaves remained.

These were the days when my children would find me scrolling through my iPad while they ran around the house minutes before bedtime.

Never soon enough, the clock would strike bedtime, I’d yell for sleep, and fighting and crying would ensue.

Something Needed to Change

During one of my evenings of mindless scrolling on the iPad, I came across a fellow mom blog where she was singing Bible verses with her children.

She began a series connected to the alphabet. For the letter A, she had a verse and a song she made up. She recorded her children and encouraged others to teach their children to learn the song and thus the bible verse as well.

I grabbed a running child and played the song for him. He was intrigued. That week we listened to the song every night before bed until we had learned the first verse.

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The next week, my other child joined in. Suddenly I had a routine with my children they looked forward to. I would record them singing the bible verse on my iPad and send it to the grandparents. Sometimes they would act goofy and put on wigs from our pop-up photo booth.

We were now enjoying each other’s company every night before bed as a family. Learning Bible verses was merely a side benefit.

We continued this routine for five weeks until the blog I was following quit providing the resources. I was frantic. I emailed the writer and asked for more. She replied she didn’t have time to devote to it anymore.

What Did I Do?

I didn’t want to give up the connection my little family of 3 was experiencing. I would create the materials myself.

Our goal was to learn one verse for each letter of the alphabet so in 26 weeks we could learn 26 bible verses.

Our routine looked like this:

  • Each Sunday, I would prepare for the next letter of the alphabet.
  • I’m no songwriter, so instead, I’d search on YouTube for a kids video that puts a bible verse in its song for the letter of the week.
  • I’d write out the verse of the week on a piece of paper, for my kids to have a visual reminder of the Bible verse.
  • Each Sunday evening before bed we’d begin learning our verse for the week.
  • I’d read the Bible verse and explain it’s meaning. I’d try my best to find materials online for a Sunday school lesson to would help me explain it.
  • We’d watch the YouTube video as many times as necessary and begin singing it. Most of the videos I found were of cartoons or other young children, so my kids found them fun to watch.
  • At the end of the week, I’d take a video of them. The videos I took reinforced our learning, but more so, they loved watching themselves on video, especially when they were acting goofy.
  • Every few days, I’d ask them to sing a verse we already learned to ensure they hadn’t forgotten it.

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Time Commitment

Some evenings we would work on learning bible verses for a few minutes and sometimes we’d have fun so it’d last longer on purpose. 

We completed all 26 Bible verses in 26 weeks. Not because I had the kids on a strict schedule, but because we all looked forward to it each evening.

What Was Missing

If we were missing one thing, it was a tangible way to reinforce the learning to bring it all together. I didn’t have access to anything to correspond to the videos I found.

Each Sunday I scrambled to find a verse, video, and story all beginning with the same letter. I certainly didn’t have time to create any learning sheets. And the Bible verse I wrote with a sharpie on a piece of paper each week wasn’t worth framing.

Since then, I created the exact thing we didn’t have for other parents like you.

ABC Memory Verse Series

1. Full ABC Series of Posts

At the bottom of this post, you will find an index of 26 memory verses for kids. Each post contains:

  • Memory verse for each letter of the alphabet.
  • Printable to hang the memory verse up where everyone can see it. You can print an 8×10 version of the Bible Verse if you want to frame it or put the verse on the fridge for the whole family to memorize.
  • YouTube video to go along with the verse and set it to a tune.
  • A background story or easy lesson plan, when possible, in a child’s terms to help them understand what they are learning.

2. Children’s ABC Memory Verse Workbook

Another valuable resource I wish I would have had is a fun way to teach my kids throughout the week instead of simply singing the verse each night. Something tangible to reinforce the learning of the verse with my children in other ways.

This is why I created the ABC Memory Verse Workbook. This workbook contains 5 pages for each verse (letter) and gives your child one activity to do for each day of the week. Each day you will sing the song but also while singing the song your child can work through these sheets:

  • A cut out of each letter of the verse, then your child can try to put the verse together. You can reuse this throughout the week.
  • A print-friendly version of the verse to hang up nearby where your kids will see it during the week.
  • A word search that contains the words in the verse.
  • A page for your child to write the verse out to say what it means to them.
  • A page for your child to draw out the verse and write what books of the Bible this verse is found in.
  • The lesson itself so you don’t have continually come back to this website – everything is inside the eBook.
  • A link to the YouTube video.

The ABC Memory Verse Workbook is the perfect companion to use while learning the verses. Or, you can choose to purchase this workbook after you have learned all 26 verses then use this workbook to reinforce your child’s (and your) learning.

The full eBook or other options (just the workbook) is available HERE.

3. ABC Memory Verse Games

When my children finished learning all 26 verses, we played many games to enhance all the learning over the past 26 weeks. We had so much fun, I turned all these into an eBook so you can play these games too: ABC Memory Games. It’s available separately or you can buy it with the entire package above or here.

7 Tips for Success: How to teach the Memory Verses with Your Kids

What is learned with song is remembered long.

  1. Review the verses daily – consistency is vital.
    Little boy hugging an old book, he is happy
  2. Learn with a song. Similar to how we remember all the words to our favorite songs, studies show when we learn a Bible verse to a catchy tune, we’re more likely to remember it.
  3. Make it fun. If not, no one will want to do it. I found recording my kids while they sang the verses made it exciting for the kids. They loved to watch themselves. I also let them sing in funny voices if they felt like it. They thought this was hilarious.
  4. Hang the verse up so everyone can see it throughout the day. If your kids can’t read yet, then read it aloud whenever you walk by it. You can print these verses off for free when you visit each page below in the index.
  5. Put the verse in context. Explain the story around the verse. Kids love stories. Each post has a mini-lesson for you that can be completed within a maximum of 10-20 minutes a day.
  6. Create a game out of it. We memorized one bible verse for each letter of the alphabet. This way the kids knew we had a goal and an endpoint. Each week they knew we were going to work on the next letter. Since we had a plan, with a beginning and an end, the ABC memory verses weren’t “just another verse” to learn.
  7. Quiz them. As an added incentive I create a game to quiz your kids over the verses at the end of the year. Could they recite (or sing) all 26 verses? Bonus points for memorizing the references. Get the ABC Games Edition here.

The Ultimate Guide to Teaching Memory Verses for Kids

If you follow these proven steps, you’ll not only establish a bonding experience each night, but you’ll also equip your child with 26 scriptures to fall back on for the rest of their lives.

Five More Tips for Success

1. Bookmark this page and work through each of the ABC Verses below with your kids.

2. Print out the free Bible Verse for each letter.

3. Use the companion ABC Workbook to enhance learning.

4. Take it one letter at a time and go at your child’s pace. Then check back here when you’re ready for the next verse.

5. Have fun. This process isn’t about learning a ton of verses. It’s about the connection with your child and God.

Which Verses are Included? Index & Links to Bookmark

In the End

Seven years later, my preteens are in the car quarreling about who knows what when I start singing, “Do everything without complaining” and immediately I hear in response sing-song voices “do everything without arguing….”

The conversation quickly turns to, “Mom do you remember the “F” verse? How did it go again?”

No, we don’t have all 26 verses memorized still, and it isn’t a cure for all fighting amongst siblings. But there are moments when I’m thankful for 26 weeks chose to hide God’s word in our hearts.

How to Teach Kids Bible Verses (Even if They Aren’t Interested)


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