ABC Bible Memory Verse Workbook

Designed to encourage bonding with your children while you memorize Bible verses together using fun activities
and praise songs in under 20 minutes each day.

What would it feel like to:

  • Have a nightly activity that is Christ-centered for your children to look forward to? 
  • Arm your kids with 26 Bible verses they can refer to the rest of their lives
  • Memorize 26 Bible verses in 26 weeks with your kids - no nagging.

It's all possible with the ABC Memory Verse Workbook!

This workbook is designed to for your kids to memorize 26 Bible verses in 26 weeks. 

My children did it and yours can too! Read about our experience here

abc bible memory workbook

Are you ready to get started? 

ABC Memory Verse Workbook Includes:

  • A printable for you to hang the verse up nearby where your kids will see it during the week.
  • A reflection page for your child to write the verse out to say what it means to them.
  • A word search that contains the main words in the verse.
  • A page for your child to draw out the verse and write what books of the Bible this verse is found in.
  • A page to cut out each letter of the verse, then your child can try to put the verse together.


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The ABC Memory Verse Workbook was featured in The 2019 Ultimate Homemakers Bundle!


When will I receive my workbook?

     This is a digital product. You can download it as soon as you make the purchase. 

Can I use this in my Sunday School class?

     Please contact me at [email protected] for group pricing. 

Should I print out the whole workbook?

     That's up to you. But I recommend that you start out by printing the first couple of letters (verses). Then decide which worksheets your child enjoys the most. You should personalize this experience as much as possible. If you are using this workbook in conjunction with the series on my blog then you may decide to use the workbook after you have gone through the series and use the workbook to enhance memorization. 

What ages is this for?

     Anyone that can read and write at a basic age, so I recommend ages 5-12. However, even adults would get the full benefit out of it.

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