Bible Memory Verses: “O” Psalm 63:1

Memorize Psalm 63:1 with your children using these techniques. Then join the ABC bible memory series and learn one scripture for each letter of the alphabet. The series includes free printables, YouTube videos, children lessons, and a workbook.

Memory Verse Psalm 63:1

We are back to the Psalms for this week’s verse. Psalm 63:1 states:

“Oh God, you are my God. Earnestly I seek you.
My soul thirsts for you.
My body longs for you.
In a dry and weary land where there is no water.”

teaching Psalm 63:1 to kids

You can go through Psalm 63 verse by verse and tangibly teach your children what this Psalm means to be “thirsty for God” using these ideas from this children’s sermon here.

memory Song for Psalm 63:1

The video for Psalm 63:1 is a kid’s song from Seed’s Family Worship. They sing Psalm 63:1-4 over and over.

However, my children were too young to memorize all four verses. Do what works for your family. If your kids quit having fun, then it’s a clear signal to cut back or break altogether. We listened to the whole video for my kids each evening but only worked on memorizing the first sentence of the first verse. This took the pressure off.

Weekly tip

After your child draws out the verse in the worksheet from the Memory Verse Workbook, hang it up where everyone can see it during the week and remind you to talk about the verse. If you don’t have the Memory Verse Workbook, just have your child draw what the verse means to them.

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Printable for Psalm 63:1

You can download the printable by clicking on the verse below.

I keep the verse we are learning in multiple places – by our bed where we are learning the verse each night, on the mirror where we get ready each day, and on the refrigerator.

psalm 63:1
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Bible Memorization Review

If you’re working the ABC Bible series alphabetically with your children, then at least once per week use your memorization time simply for review. As we move along and have more verses to keep in our memory bank, this exercise will take longer. We don’t want to forget any of these.

The whole point of this exercise is to keep them hidden in our children’s hearts (and ours!) for whenever they may need them!

Are you just joining us or did you miss a week? Find the index of verses ~ A through Z here.

Bible Memory Verses: “O” Psalm 63:1