Bible Memory Verse: “L” Mark 12:30

Mark 12:30 is the Greatest Commandment. Teach your child this verse with the free printable, YouTube video, and included lesson. This is part of an ABC bible memory lesson series. Everything you need to learn 26 scriptures in 26 weeks.

Memory Verse for Kids: Mark 12:30

The “L” Bible memory verse is from Mark 12:30. It states

Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind, and with all your strength.

If you listen to Christian radio it’s possible your children already know this verse. There’s a popular Christian song that basically just sings Mark 12:30 repeatedly. It is from Lincoln Brewster and called “Love the Lord.”

One of my favorite Christian radio stations is KLOVE. They have multiple radio stations throughout the US. You can stream this music from your phone or computer when you are not in your car. The best part is that there are no commercials. It is a positive radio station with positive news stories. I always need more “positive” in my life.

Video for Mark 12:30

Here’s a link to the video from Lincoln Brewster. Use this video each night to help your children memorize the verse.

Teaching Children the Bible Tip

Consider the atmosphere you’re creating for spending time learning God’s Word as a family. You may be tempted to sit a table but your child might enjoy the time more on the floor or even lying in bed before sleeping.

Printable for Mark 12:30

I like to print off the verse we are memorizing and hang it up around the house.

A visual reminder can keep the memorization in the forefront of your mind and not just at night or whenever you are memorizing.

You can get a fairly cheap photo frame and each week, replace it with verse of the week images I provide for you in this series. Click the image to download your free print.

mark 12:30

Children’s lesson idea for verse L

Begin by explaining to your kids that Mark 12:30 is the “Greatest Commandment.” For reference read out loud Mark 12:28-34.

You can compare a classroom’s rules with God’s commandments to help children nderstand. Then as a family write out your family’s values with Mark 12:30 being number 1.

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It’s always easier (and fun) to memorize when we learn with a tune.

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