Bible Memory Verses: “J” John 8:12

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John 8:12 is one of 26 Bible Verses to help your child learn one bible verse for each letter of the alphabet. For each verse in the series, there is a free printable, lesson, and YouTube video to help you and your child learn 26 bible verses.

Teaching John 8:12 to kids

John 8:12: Jesus said, “I am the light of the world, whoever follows me will never walk in darkness but will have the light of life.”

Free Printable

You can print the verse by clicking on the image below.

john 8:12

Song for John 8:12

Your kids will love this video.

It has a catchy tune. You’ll most likely find yourself singing this verse years later. There’s a cute part in the video where the kids and puppets rap in the middle. If your children follow along, you’ll want to make sure to record it.

John 8:12 Bible Lesson

My kids wanted to reenact the youtube video again and again and we didn’t need a separate lesson.

But if you’d like a lesson, half-way down the page here, “Light Chaser” would be perfect for kids of any age.

Weekly Tip

Reciting things out-loud has been proven to increase memorization. Make sure you’re not doing all the talking. Ask your child to repeat things back to you and to put things in their own words.

Bible lessons just for kids

Did you know?

We’re learning Bible verses with our kids the easy way: by singing the verse and using the ABCs as our guide.

Each week I provide a YouTube video, lesson, and printable. It can be difficult to find Bible verses for your kids to memorize. But when you add a catchy tune it makes the process a joy!

These are tried and true.  I went through this series with my children years ago and they still remember the majority of the verses.

Did you miss a week? Click here to find the index of all the verses, printables, and most importantly, the videos.

abc bible verses

Want More?

How about a workbook that you and your child can work through each day for each verse in this series? Check it out HERE!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Wow! This is awesome. I just “happened” to find it when searching for a quote about Jesus, the Light. I did borrow John 8:12 but will give you credit. It is lovely. I am not a single mom (retired grandmother now) but realize at least in part what you must deal with. Thank you for what you are providing! I will share with others when opportunity arises.

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