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My Published Work

Sammiches & Psych Meds articles

“I’m the checked-out mom at my six-year-old’s friend’s birthday party. I’m not sure where my kid is. And today, I don’t care. I don’t try to fit into the “mom group” or explain my actions.” Read the whole article HERE.


As a single mom, I learned quickly that complaining, lying in bed, or taking time off when in pain caused more significant problems in my life.” Read the whole article HERE.

Grown & Flown Articles

My kids are one school year apart. And with one girl and one boy, plus the added challenge of parenting alone, I dreaded what was ahead in middle school. But a funny thing happened. We had an excellent middle school experience. There was little to no drama, and what’s even better, our relationship has come out on the other side stronger. Read the whole article HERE.

Her View from home Articles

He cries with you when you’re brokenhearted over the end of your dreams when you sign the divorce papers. He carries you when you cannot walk the road you’ve been given to walk.” Read the whole article HERE.

Am I the only one completely overwhelmed with life? No, I’m not “finding a new normal.” And please, quit calling this life “normal.” ​ Read the whole article HERE.

How do you show a friend or family member who suffers from a chronic illness or pain understanding, empathy, and grace?​ Read the whole article HERE.

One night after I yelled at my daughter, once again, to go back to bed, she came very timidly into my room with a homemade picture of a big, red heart, and underneath it in 7-year-old handwriting, it said, “I don’t know if you love me, but I love you.” Read the whole article HERE.

I no longer try to force you into family time just to be rewarded with a strained relationship. Your life right now revolves around your friends, and I’m happy for you. But lately, we have our nights. With our devices on do not disturb this late at night, I admit I like that your attention has no one to turn to but me. Read the whole article HERE.

It’s not often we realize when we are experiencing our last with our children. The last time she reaches for your hand. The last time he calls you mommy. The last time you rock your daughter to sleep. Read the whole article HERE.

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