May Days of the Year ~ Activities to do for Families

There are over 100 “Days of the Year” in May alone. Some are silly, well, most are. But that’s the point. Why not be a little crazy and kid-like and let your hair down? Your kids will have a ball!

girls at a slumber party

I’ve highlighted a few below with some ideas but if you want the full list of May days of the year you can get it here.

May Days of the Year

Two Different Colored Shoes Day – May 3

Seriously, where do they get these days? If you have a young child they may think this is fun and play along with this one. If you have older kids, this would be mortifying!

National Star Wars Day – May 4

Also known as “May the Fourth be with you.”  If you have a boy, you no doubt have heard of this one! It can be a lot of fun. Here are some fun ways to celebrate the day straight from the Star Wars franchise. 

darth Vader from star wars
School Lunch Hero Day – First Friday in May  

Here’s someone who often gets overlooked – the school cafeteria workers. Why not have your child hand them a card as they go through the line this day or even have them look them in the eye and say thank you? This would be meaningful them and your child.

Cinco de Mayo – May 5

Not that we need an excuse to eat salsa! Maybe get your child involved and have them come up with a Mexican meal they can make for the family. Here’s my favorite salsa recipe.

National Teacher’s Day – Tuesday of the first full week of May

This begins National Teacher Appreciation Week. I’ve got some unique homemade gifts here as well as other good ideas found around the web.

National Receptionist Day the second Wednesday in May

This day also falls during Teacher Appreciation Week, along with School Nurses Day, the second Wednesday in May. Make a week of it and each day this week have your child bring a card for a different school employee. This teaches your child to be appreciative and experience joy in giving!

National Sleepover Day – May 9

Celebrate this day by playing some old-fashioned sleepover games.  Having some structure to the night is more work for you but the alternative is them ending up on YouTube all night.

Four excited little girls together for a sleepover party

National Butterscotch Brownie Day – May 9

Here’s a yummy recipe to make some butterscotch brownies with the kids. 

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National Shrimp Day – May 10

How about shrimp for breakfast on this day? That would surprise your kids! 

National Clean Up Your Room Day – May 10

If you throw in a couple other days from this month that are fun, then your kids may willingly get on board for this one!

Eat What You Want Day – May 11

Depending on how picky your child is, you may or may not be willing to try this one out.

National Visit Your Relatives Day – May 18

What relative have you not visited in a while? No excuses today – put it on the calendar and drop by!

Pick Strawberries Day – May 20

Find a strawberry patch near you and take the kids. This is so much fun! Then save the strawberries for tomorrow – strawberries and cream day!

National Take Your Parents to the Playground Day – Third Sunday in May

Ask your kids which playground they want to visit, then actually play with them instead of sitting on the bench on your phone!

Strawberries and Cream Day – May 21

Here’s an easy recipe to make strawberries and cream from the hand-picked strawberries from yesterday! 

National Solitaire Day – May 22

How about some solitaire with actual playing cards – no computer? I remember my grandpa teaching me solitaire games he learned on the railroad and I still play them.  

Scavenger Hunt Day – May 24

You can find all kinds of lists for scavenger hunts but for years all my kids needed was a bucket and a trail. I said we were going on a scavenger hunt and they were excited to see what interesting things they could fill their bucket with from nature! Sometimes no agenda is the best agenda.

More days of the year for May

There are so many more fun May days of the year. Download them all here with a handy PDF and hang it up!

Get the full year series here.

May Days of the Year ~ Activities to do for Families