Seven Amazing Gift Ideas For Everyone Obsessed With Music

Almost everyone has a friend in their life who loves music. Check out this list below of 7 amazing gift ideas for everyone who is obsessed with music. You can click here to check out these and many other fantastic gifts.

7 Amazing Gift Ideas For Music Lovers

Wi-Fi Speakers or Chromecast Audio

Wi-Fi speakers are a handy gadget to have to have, but they’re also quite expensive.

Chromecast audio is a revolutionary device that can make any speaker Wi-Fi enabled. Just connect this small device to any speaker using the AUX port, and instantly you speakers will be able to play music from any of your favorite streaming websites remotely. Once the device is set up, it can be controlled through your android or IOS phone.

The Stelle audio pillar

Music fans who are also obsessed with décor and design will love this speaker. Apart from making fantastic music the speaker also doubles as an art piece due to its elegant design.

This amazing speaker is available in a variety of designs, each created to increase the elegance and class of your décor. It is available with a wooden, metallic and leather finish so you can buy the speaker that goes best with the theme of your office or home design. The speaker features a rechargeable battery with at least 15 hours of playtime. And you can buy it for about 300 dollars only.

Sony noise canceling Bluetooth headphones

It is difficult to fully appreciate and enjoy your music when there is a lot of noise around you. This is precisely why any music enthusiast would greatly appreciate a pair of noise-canceling headphones. Noise canceling headphone can also be beneficial for people who like to create digital music.

They will, of course, connect to your device wirelessly via Bluetooth but if you want you can also use a wire to connect them through an audio jack. The extended life battery can provide up to 15 hours of playtime with a full charge which makes these headphones perfect for travel.

USB mix tape

The USB mixtape is an amazing gadget that brings back a lot of memories. In the past mixtapes used to be a great way to add a personal touch to your gift well now, it is possible again due to this gadget. The device has a vintage design that will surely bring back a lot of memories.

Personalized music accessories

Getting your friend something personalized is a great way to increase the value of your gift. There are many options in this category, for example, you can buy a guitar strap or an instrument case and personalize it by adding your friend’s name, initials or you can even add a personal message. Such a gift is sure to be appreciated by any music enthusiast.

Concert tickets

Another classic gift to get for a music freak is concert tickets. Just make sure to check your friend’s schedule and ask them to make some time before you make a purchase. You don’t want your gift to be wasted because your friend was busy on the day of the concert. So think ahead and buy tickets that work with your friend’s schedule.

Phone music amplifier

A phone music amplifier is an amazing product which doesn’t use any batteries or wires. Instead, the unit is designed to amplify the acoustics of the music played on your phone. Most of these products are very elegantly designed and they add to the décor of the room they are placed in.

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Seven Amazing Gift Ideas For Everyone Obsessed With Music