Want a Fun Way to Give Money? Make a Gift Card Wreath

Inside: For a fun way to give money gather gift cards from multiple people and present them in a pre-made wreath. A gift card wreath makes giving money fun and exciting for the giver and recipient.

Giving Money as a Gift

I always hesitate to give money because it seems so impersonal. Not only is there joy or love on my end since I don’t have to go shopping for the present but when the recipient opens the present it feels like no big deal because it’s just money or a gift card. Anyone could have gotten them that.

So when my daughter hit the teen years and outgrew the toy phase she didn’t want anything for Christmas or her birthday except for money, I resisted at first. But obviously, I want to give her what she wants so I found a way to give her money that showed it still came from my heart.

money gift wreath

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Make a Gift Card Wreath for a Fun Way to Give Money

A wreath is a fun way to give money or gift cards if you have a group collecting gift cards as well.


You only need 3 things:

  • Pre-made wreath
  • Clothespins
  • Gift cards/Money


I chose to use a pre-made wreath that was made from a wireframe.

You can certainly take a wreath frame and cover it with a boa to get your desired color. If you do this, make sure to use a wire wreath frame so the clothespins have something to grip.


Buy decorative clothespins or I like to buy them from the dollar store then spray paint them.

money wreath supplies

Gift cards / Money

It doesn’t matter how many gift cards or bills you have to put onto the wreath. If you don’t feel like you have enough to fill your wreath, add a birthday/Christmas/retirement/thank you card and clip it on. Or add some other embellishments to fill it up. If it’s Christmas you could add some ornaments.

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When to Give a wreath of money or gift cards

A wreath full of money or gift cards is a fun way to receive a gift for multiple occasions.

  • Birthdays
  • Christmas
  • Retirement
  • Teacher Appreciation
  • Thank you for coaches
  • Wedding
  • Pastors/Ministry
  • College Student

Add a few finishing touches to the wreath, with a bow on top and embellishes throughout and this gift card wreath can be a lasting homemade decoration for the recipient.

Want a Fun Way to Give Money? Make a Gift Card Wreath


  1. Gifting a Gift Card wreath is really a very nice idea. They will use it on the gift cards where they want them to use. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful gifting idea with us through this article. This was very helpful in choosing the perfect gift.

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