Feeling Stuck? Try These Ideas to Get Moving Again

If you’re feeling stuck and don’t have the motivation to complete your daily tasks, consider these four ways to get out of your rut.

What does it mean when someone says they feel stuck?

Feeling stuck means, you’re in a rut. You could be struggling with contentment or anxiety, but sometimes we can’t put our finger on why we’re stuck. Often it feels like every day is the same, or you lack motivation. 

Sometimes we feel stuck because we need something more. For example, maybe you’ve been doing your job for years and find it monotonous, and you need something to challenge you. 

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If you find yourself constantly scrolling social media, you’ll likely feel even worse. Social media can steal your joy bit by bit without you even realizing it. We compare our messy lives with other’s picture-perfect posts, and it leaves us discontent. 

feeling stuck

How to move past feeling stuck

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Release your thoughts

When we replay the same conversation or event in our minds, it usually means our brains are trying to control the outcome. It’s natural to want to know and understand how something will turn out. But it’s not realistic. 

Much of life is unknown, and whether we think we have it figured out in our heads or not, things often turn out completely different. And sometimes in a good way. 

It’s helpful to replace the thoughts in your head with something different. But, unfortunately, just eliminating them with a replacement doesn’t come easily. 

When do you notice feeling stuck the most? Is it while laying in bed at night or maybe before work? Try something that excites you during those “blah” times. It doesn’t have to be significant. It can even be listening to a favorite song on your way to work.  

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Release Expectations

Often we put very high expectations on ourselves, such as expecting flawlessness at work or the gym. Adopting a mantra to let yourself off the hook can move you past feeling stuck. 

On a related note, you might be placing too high expectations from someone else and find you “feel stuck” in the disappointment. In these cases, talking to the person who let you down can help. But first, examine your expectations and make sure you aren’t at fault for creating expectations someone else can’t shoulder. 

feeling stuck

Do something different

If your evening routine after work is always the same, try changing it up. For example, play with your kids on the floor or throw a ball with the dog. You could get outside and go for a walk or dust off the bicycle and go for a ride. 

Get in touch with your creative side. It can be easy as enjoying an adult coloring book with fancy gel pens. Or take a painting class – anything that is outside of your day-to-day. 

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Sometimes there’s no “right” answer to stop feeling stuck. If you feel stuck because of an upcoming decision, pray for guidance and God’s will to reveal itself to you. 

Spend time with God, asking what this season is here to teach you. Surrender your will to His. 

Give thanks and gratitude. This practice will set your minds on the joys in life, instead of what’s missing or how you’re feeling today.

Feeling Stuck? Try These Ideas to Get Moving Again