30+ Fall Activities for Parents and Kids: Free Download

Fall is the perfect time to savor the weather and enjoy family activities. Bonus if it’s nice outside that so many activities are in nature and free. 

Download this free Bucket List Challenge for the fall. (Check it out at the end of this post). There are over 30 ideas below for fall activities. Add what you like, then fill in the other blanks with your ideas. 

Your kids will love checking the items off the list, and it keeps you accountable – you’re much more likely to get out when you’re child is begging you to go. No more sitting a season out – or saying, “I wish we would have ____.”

fall activities

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Bucket List: 30+ Fall Activities for Kids and Parents

  • Go on a nature walk. For little kids, give them a bucket and see how many different colored objects in nature they can find. For older kids, let them take their phones and capture nature’s beauty with pictures.
  • Go hiking or trail walking. 
  • Visit a pumpkin patch. We have lots of these in the Midwest. I’ve talked to some friends in the South who looked at me blankly when I said I was taking my kids to the pumpkin patch, so I’m unsure if it’s just a Midwest thing or not. My kids have been enjoying pumpkin patches from crawling to the teenage years. 
  • Trunk or treating – lots of churches offer trunk or treating in the weeks up to Halloween.

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fall activities
  • Older kids – try a haunted house or even an escape room. I know escape rooms aren’t Halloween-related, but it has a spooky feel to it. 
  • Buy a fire pit and make smores outside. 
  • String lights outside your back porch and sit outside during the cool evenings before it gets too cold.
  • Throw a Halloween party during the day for your kids’ friends.
  • Dress up as a family in Halloween costumes when you take them trick or treating.  
  • Make a hot chocolate bar and invite neighbors. 
  • Pumpkin carving. Then scoop out the seeds and bake them. 
  • Make leaf impressions. 
  • Make a table decoration from things you find outside. Colored leaves, acorns, and pinecones all work. 
  • Bake pumpkin-related food. Ideas include pumpkin bread, pie, granola, and desserts. 
  • Paint pumpkins for decorations. You can even paint your pumpkins teal and set them outside to let parents of kids with allergies know your house is giving allergy-free treats. 
  • Have a campout in your backyard before the weather gets too cold at night. 

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fall activities

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  • Visit an apple orchard and go apple picking. 
  • Go on a picnic. 
  • Read ghost stories by the fire. 
  • Play a game of touch football or go to a football game.
  • Rake leaves and let your kids jump into them. 
  • Go through a corn maze. 
  • Collect pine cones, maybe make a bird feeder out of them by smearing peanut butter on the pine cone and dipping it into birdseed. 
  • The days leading up to Thanksgiving are a perfect time to create a gratitude jar. 
  • Get a fire pit and put it in your backyard, and make smores. 
  • Go on a hayrack ride.
  • Buy small pumpkins and gourds and decorate your home. 
  • Make chili and cinnamon rolls together. 
  • Drink apple cider.
  • Have a photoshoot with your kids and the changing colors of leaves.
  • Eat a candy apple. 
  • Go to Oktoberfest if it’s available in your area. 

Click on the image below for a free download to use for a bucket list of fall activities.

fall activities
30+ Fall Activities for Parents and Kids: Free Download