9 Best Kid Approved Easter Minute to Win It Games

Inside: These 9 hilarious kid-approved Easter minute to win it games answer the question as to what to do with all the leftover plastic eggs, peeps, and jelly beans.

Leftover Easter candy, peeps, jellybeans everywhere, and all those plastic eggs – what do you do with all of them?

Make an evening of family fun and play some Easter Minute to Win it Games with all the leftover candy. These games are perfect for any age child, even my teenagers rolled their eyes at first then asked to keep playing.

These games are such a hit, #5 below was featured in Parents Magazine, the Easter edition of March 2021.

9 Greatest Easter Minute to Win It Games for Kids

The peep face game

Give each child an open packet of peeps. Set a timer for one minute. See who can get the most peeps to stick to their face in one minute.

Hint: tearing the peeps apart makes them sticky but licking or biting into them makes them slide off your face. Kids find this hilarious!

easter games peep face

balance a Cadbury egg

Players have one minute to balance a (wrapped) Cadbury egg on their head while walking from one spot to another.

If the egg falls, they must go back to the starting place and begin again. Whoever gets the furthest in one-minute wins.

easter games balance egg

Spin the Egg

Give each child half of a plastic egg (the smaller end works best).

Have them spin the egg half. Whoever’s egg spins the longest has to add a jelly bean to their egg. Have everyone spin their egg again, the winner of that round adds a jelly bean.

Repeat this for either 1 minute or 10 rounds. Whoever has the most jelly beans at the end wins.

The jelly beans must stay in the egg while spinning, and everyone must spin their egg at the same time.

easter games spin eggs

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Easter candy hockey

Using the halves of plastic eggs, set up four on each side for each player.

Within the four eggs, is your safe zone that the other player cannot enter. Put a jelly bean in the center as your hockey puck. Your puck will be half of a plastic egg turned upside down, so it doesn’t scratch your table.

Similar to air hockey, try to get the jelly bean to score a goal on the other side. Play for one minute or up to a certain amount of points.

easter games soccer

Pick up jelly beans using peeps

Using a peep, players have one minute to win this game. They must transfer jelly beans from one pile to another.

The game works best if they tear the peep apart, so it becomes sticky. When the kids try to release the jelly beans onto the mat, they may want to stick to the peep, but no fingers allowed.

They have to shake it loose or keep going with some jelly beans sticking on their peep.

easter games move candy peeps

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move the treat to your mouth

Give each child a Reese peanut butter egg and place it on their forehead while they lay down. Set the timer for one minute.

Using only their facial muscles and the tilt of their head, they try to move the egg from their forehead to their mouth. They will end the game with chocolate all over their face!

easter games - move chocolate face

Make an Easter bunny

Using Easter bunny cut-outs (which I found at the dollar store), have your child close their eyes and try to draw a face on the bunny.

For older kids, add on a carrot or tail.

For younger kids, give them jelly beans and have them close their eyes and place the eyes and nose where they think it should go.

easter games create bunny2
easter games create bunny

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Easter Egg memory

Using the halves of 12 (or any even number) of plastic eggs, find color matches of jelly beans to create a memory game.

Have the kids take turns lifting the eggs to see the matching colors of jelly beans and eating the ones they get right.

easter games memory

Guess the flavor of jelly bean

Using as many different flavors of jelly beans as you have (I had starburst jelly beans and sweet-tart jelly beans) place one of each flavor in an ice cube tray or individual cups.

Blindfold your players. Give one flavor at a time to each player and have them guess the flavor.

Whoever guesses the most wins but everyone wins in this game because they are eating the prize along the way!

easter games guess jelly bean

Want More?

Most likely your children will want to play these games over and over so these aren’t a “one and done.” You’re looking at a full evening’s worth of entertainment.

For more Easter ideas follow my Pinterest Easter board and Kid’s Party Ideas for all things celebrating our children.

9 Best Kid Approved Easter Minute to Win It Games


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    These are great ideas for Easter. Good games for all ages.

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    Thanks for the ideas! For the peep face game, do they do it hands off?


    1. I let my kids use their hands to tear the peeps and put them on their faces wherever and however they wanted!

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