Dear Single Mom, God Sees You

This post first appeared on Her View From Home where I’ve been accepted as an honored guest poster.

He cries with you when you’re brokenhearted over the end of your dreams when you sign the divorce papers.

He’s holding your hand when you’re shaking in front of the judge, asking for more child support.

He walks alongside you when you get up in the middle of the night by yourself to take care of your baby.

He carries you when you cannot walk the road you’ve been given to walk.

He notices you working late each evening, yet still unable to make ends meet.

He holds your head up as you walk into daycare, late again to pick up your crying children.

He understands when you come home too exhausted to prepare a decent meal.

He sees you staying up late after you finally rocked your toddler to sleep so you could finish your term paper.

He sees you trying to reach the child that is so full of anger and blame.

He collects your tears of loneliness.

He waits for you to cease striving.

He calls you to come rest in his arms.

He holds you when you blame yourself for your children’s mistakes, attitudes, failures.

He knows your name when you feel invisible, sitting in the church pew.

He feels your flight instinct when your past confronts you.

He fights for you when you quit fighting for yourself.

He loves you for scrambling to find enough ingredients to put together to make a meal.

He holds your head up when the weight of another day feels too much to bear.

He understands when you lose your temper at your children for reasons they don’t deserve.

He sees you with time off work yet too depleted from stress to enjoy your children.

He fights for you when the enemy makes you feel less than for your single mom status.

He sees the hurt underneath your laughter when you carelessly say you don’t have time for friends.

He stays up late with you while you read yet another parenting book trying to find the answer to your child’s undiagnosed but unbearable social issues.

He feels your struggle of non-stop chores around the house you think are outside your capabilities.

He cries with you when you watch your children leave you for the weekend to go to their dad’s, and you’re alone in an empty home.

He comforts you when you wake up in the middle of the night, scared of the future that awaits you and your children.

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He gives you the wisdom you require when you stand up for your child to receive the medical care they so desperately need.

He holds you when you fear you’ll grow old alone.

He waits for you to turn back to him when you doubt him for your situation.

He waits for you while you forget your faith and follow your own path because everyone else’s life seems so much easier.

Jesus pursues you.

He welcomes you back with open arms.

Jesus never left you.

He never will.

Dear Single Mom, God Sees You