Dating a Single Mom: What You Need to Know

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What you need to know if you’re going to date a single mom. Spoiler alert: single moms are just like any other mom and just like any other woman. But read on so you navigate her kids and past with care.

I’m assuming you’re reading this because you’ve met someone who’s a single mom. Not a single parent yourself, you’re unsure what you’re in for when dating a single mom.

what you need to know about dating a single mom

She Doesn’t have a lot of time

The first thing you’ll learn about a single mom is that she doesn’t seem to have much time for you. 

You might think she’s playing games, but most likely, she doesn’t have time. 

She works full time, maybe even more than one job, and she’s either the sole provider of her children or balancing the childcare with someone she’s not in a relationship with, which can become tricky.

All this to say, don’t waste her time. 

It’ll take a lot for her to make time for you. If you’re not interested, just let her know. Don’t go out on dates, just to be nice. She doesn’t have time to play games.

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What to know about her kids

Her kids will always come first. 

You’re an adult, and they aren’t, so don’t make her feel guilty if her child is sick and she has to cancel a date.

She will love talking about her kids. Try to understand that she doesn’t have anyone to share the day to day stuff with, including her kids. 

So if you’re up for it, let her get it out.  

But on the other hand, there is so much more to her than her kids. Just as you most likely need to decompress after work and also have outside interests.

Don’t expect to meet her kids any time soon. Depending on her past, the kids may need time before another man is introduced into their lives. 

Single parents know it’s never smart to bring her date home to their kids unless it’s serious.

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Her Past

At least when you’re dating a single mom, there’s not a lot of guessing about her past. You know she’s got one, and part of its 3 feet tall and living with her.

The other part of her past might be co-parenting with her. Whether she likes it or not, you might meet her Ex before she ever meets yours.

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Remember this and respect her boundaries. 

Be honest about what bothers you about her relationship with her ex. Most likely, her texts with her ex involve necessary transportation and timing details about the kids. Boring but necessary.

On the Upside

There are quite a few positives to dating a single mom.

She won’t have time to play games. Her time is limited so when she does go out, rest assured, you’re the one she wants to be with.

Single moms are independent. The longer she’s been a single mom, the more independent and responsible she is. 

One of the most significant false assumptions of single moms is that they are looking for someone else to care for them.

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Many single mothers have already been married, or in relationships that have failed, so they know what they want. They won’t waste your time or theirs.

Don’t underestimate her

Please don’t make assumptions about her current life or her future. She may want more kids in the future or not. 

She may feel insecure even if she appears to be killing it at work and taking care of a household by herself.

Treat her like any other woman you’re meeting for the first time. With the same respect and boundaries you want in return.  

The Secret to Dating a Single Mom

The biggest secret to dating a single mom is that there is no secret. 

She’s just like any other mom – her kids will come first. And she’s like any other woman, so treat her well. 

Dating a Single Mom: What You Need to Know